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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2013A 3-phase 4-leg 4-wire voltage sag compensator based on three dimensional space vector modulation in abc coordinatesKosol Oranpiroj; Worrajak Maungjai; Wichan Jantee; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Chem V. Nayar
1-Feb-2020Analysis of PV penetration level on low voltage system in Chiang Mai ThailandPongsatorn Kerdoum; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
1-Jan-2022The Application of Machine Learning for the Voltage and Reactive Power Control in Power Distribution NetworkPhavixa Vongvilasack; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Kanchit Ngamsanroaj
1-May-2013An apply implementation of a carrier-based three-dimensional space vector PWM technique for three-phase four-leg voltage sag generator with microcontrollerWorrajak Muangjai; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Kosol Oranpiroj
19-Oct-2017Approximate 2-Degree-of-freedom digital control of an interleaved low voltage DC-DC buck converterKento Ogiwara; Kohji Higuchi; Tomoaki Sato; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Kamon Jirasereeamornkul
26-Oct-2009Broadband PWM Power amplifier using approximate 2DOF digital controllerHiroshi Iwata; Kohji Higuchi; Kazushi Nakano; Kosin Chamnongthai; Damrong Amorndechaphon; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
Jul-2022Capacitor placement for losses reduction in power distribution system of Savannakhet Province using particle swarm optimizationSuttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Phavixa Vongvilasasck
1-Jan-2013A carrier-based unbalanced PWM method for four-leg voltage source inverter fed unsymmetrical two-phase induction motorYuttana Kumsuwan; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Vijit Kinnares
1-Dec-2009Classification fault events using wavelet transform and expert rulesNattapong Praditphol; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
6-Sep-2016A comparative study of vector control strategies for rotor-side converter of DFIG wind energy systemsWatcharin Srirattanawichaikul; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Apr-2019A comparison of the effectiveness of voltage stability indices in an optimal power flowSirote Khunkitti; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Rongrit Chatthaworn; Natakorn Thasnas; Pirat Khunkitti; Apirat Siritaratiwat; Neville Robert Watson
Dec-2020Critical latency of control command between microgrid controller and local controllerSuttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Zhu, Xianwen
1-Dec-2010Design and analysis of high efficiency dc-dc boost converter with active resonant technique for small grid-connected PV systemsDamrong Amorndechaphon; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Kohji Higuchi
Jul-2022Detection of electrical theft and fault meter in power distribution system using long short-term memory on automatic meter readingSuttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Anoucha Promwungkwa; Chintana Xayalath
1-Sep-2020Development of distance relay based on wide-area protection for transmission systems of provincial electricity authorityChaiwat Maneekorn; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Autthaporn Supannon; Rachawadee Puangsukra
7-Aug-2017Development of expert system for fault diagnosis of an 8-MW bulb turbine downstream irrigation hydro power plantIsara Buaphan; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
1-Jan-2021Development of Wide-Area Protection and Coordination for Electrical Transmission Systems with Distributed GenerationAutthaporn Supannon; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Piyadanai Pachanapan
1-Jun-2020Dynamic performances of multi-renewable energy sources in a microgrid during islanding operationPiyadanai Pachanapan; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
1-Dec-2008Economic dispatch for power generation using artificial neural network ICPE'07 conference in Daegu, KoreaSakorn Panta; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
22-Oct-2009Effect of distributed generation on very long distribution line with automatic voltage regulatorSarawut Kongtripop; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Tirapong Kasirawat; Chotepong Pongsriwat