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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2021Book Recommendation for Library Automation Use in School Libraries by Multi Features of Support Vector MachineKitti Puritat; Phichete Julrode; Pakinee Ariya; Sumalee Sangamuang; Kannikar Intawong
1-Jan-2022Development of a Mobile-Healthcare Application for Safety and Prevention in Emergency Assistance at Marathon Events: A Case Study in CMU MarathonOrasa Sirasakamol; Pakinee Ariya; Wanvimol Nadee; Kitti Puritat
1-Jan-2021Integrating the Webinar as a Tool to Support Adult Training: A Case Study on the Training for Entrepreneurs of SMEs in ThailandPakinee Ariya; Kannikar Intawong; Kitti Puritat
15-Apr-2019Knowledge expert co-creation-based conceptual framework for educational gamePakinee Ariya; Kitti Puritat; Kannikar Intawong
Mar-2023The Knowledge model of Chinese language for Chinese e-commerce platform of thai smes entrepreneurPakinee Ariya; Yuqi Zhou
1-Mar-2020The Multi-Criteria Decision Model using ANP approach for selection ERP Software of SMEs in the Upper North Region of ThailandPakinee Ariya; Kitti Puritat
Jul-2023The study of customer behavior through buying cosmetic products for designing the knowledge map for Thai cosmetic sellersPakinee Ariya; He, Hairui
1-Jan-2016Systems thinking in online travel agency of supplier relationship managementPakinee Ariya; Nopasit Chakpitak
1-Jan-2022Value Chain Analysis for Identifying Taobao Cross-Border E-Commerce Important Activities to Export Thai SMEs Products to ChinaYuqi Zhou; Pakinee Ariya