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Title: การวิเคราะห์เนื้อหาแนวทางการปฏิบัติที่ดีด้านการเกษตรโดยใช้ทฤษฎีการเรียนรู้ของบลูม
Other Titles: Content analysis of good agricultural practices using Bloom's Taxonomy
Authors: กรกช เจริญทรัพย์
Authors: ธีราพร แซ่แห่ว
กรกช เจริญทรัพย์
Issue Date: Jan-2024
Publisher: เชียงใหม่ : บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Abstract: Agricultural technology transfer needs to employ various media to create perception. Forms of the media used are essential to create perception and understanding, which result in the perception of media preparation of concerned agencies. This involves online media construction using an inside-out marketing concept, which focuses on media preparation. It makes audiences be unable to use this knowledge for the application of production. The objectives of this study were to 1) analyze current problems related to the content preparation of agricultural learning media, 2) analyze characteristics of good agricultural practice content, and 3) construct prototype content of the agricultural learning media under Bloom's Taxonomy. This study presented a model for extracting knowledge and solving problems with applied theory. It analyzed current problems related to the content preparation of agricultural learning media. The research is mixed-method research using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Bloom's Taxonomy was used to analyze and extract the opinions and questions of viewers from each video on the MJU Channel on YouTube. Then, the problems were analyzed and linked to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to find out the needs of the viewers in watching the media. In addition, a questionnaire was used to measure the satisfaction level of 10 upstream farmers. The criteria for selecting upstream farmers were using random sampling of upstream farmers who watched the Maejo Organic Farming program on the YouTube channel of the Digital Technology Division to find prototype farmers and create prototypes of agricultural learning media content. This research found that viewers want to gain knowledge from watching the clips to apply it to their farming practices and learn from it. Most of them seek information to use in their agricultural career to grow food for their household for basic survival (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs). The frequency of watching MJU Channel videos is more than two times per week. The average satisfaction with the content is 8.6%; the content is easy to understand, the details are complete, and it covers everything they want to know. The satisfaction with the images is 8.46%; the images used in the content are easy to understand. The satisfaction with the sound and language is 9.3%; the language used is appropriate and easy to understand.
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