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Title: แนวคิดเชิงปรัชญาในเทียนบูชาของชาวล้านนา
Other Titles: Philosophical concept in Tien Puja of Lan Na people
Authors: นนทนันท์ มูลยศ
Authors: วิโรจน์ อินทนนท์
ปิยะมาศ ใจไฝ่
นนทนันท์ มูลยศ
Issue Date: Feb-2021
Publisher: เชียงใหม่ : บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Abstract: This Thesis is purpose to investigate development of Tien Puja which covert Lanna tradition context and analyze philosophical concept in Tien Puja of Lan Na People. This Thesis is qualitative research that investigates from source that is Phabsa document, book of Khoi, Lan leaves and all sort textbooks of Tien Puja of Lan Na, including involve articles and journals with truly interview of Tien Puja makers and Tien Puja users in Lanna. The result show that Tien Puja is ritual and wisdom that inherited from ancient era. Tien Puja is magic ritual which is magic spell from Brahminism in ancient India and conceal with Buddhism principles. Historical, Tien Puja of Lan Na is fire worship which find out in Phra Muang Kaew age. The king who ruled Chiang Mai from 2038 – 2068 and found that Tien Puja connect to the idea of astrology. The meaning of Tien Puja is beeswaxes which be used to magic process and ritual then bring to worship. From the analysis of metaphysics and ethical concepts in Tien Puja. The study from indicates that metaphysical concepts appear in thought, beliefs and rituals in Tien Puja making. From Tien Puja maker perspective and Tien Puja user in interview show 3 metaphysical concepts divide in materialism that speak the fundamental element concept, idealism that emphasis mental to core of though and naturalism that compromise materialism and idealism. Ethical concepts appear in Tien Puja divide in Buddhist ethics appear in concept of karma and effect of karma, Relativism ethics that no manifest principle in any radical direction and Utilitarianism ethics that emphasis benefit of Tien Puja maker and Tien Puja user.
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