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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2011Approximation of copositive programming via linear programming using second order sum of square decompositionThanasak Mouktonglang; Aroonwan Suebsriwichai
Dec-2014Characterization and isomorphism conditions of cayley digraphs of some completely regular semigroupsSayan Panma; Sorasak Leeratanavalee; Thanasak Mouktonglang; John Meksawang
1-Jan-2019A Comparison of Robust Criteria for Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time WindowsThanasak Mouktonglang; Phannipa Worapun
1-Jan-2023Designing Meyer wavelet neural networks for the three-species food chain modelThanasak Mouktonglang; Zulqurnain Sabir; Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja; Saira Bhatti; Thongchai Botmart; Wajaree Weera; Chantapish Zamart
1-Jun-2022Dynamical behaviors of the solution to a periodic initial–boundary value problem of the generalized Rosenau-RLW-Burgers equationThanasak Mouktonglang; Suriyon Yimnet; Nattakorn Sukantamala; Ben Wongsaijai
1-Jan-2018EditorialSuthep Suantai; Thanasak Mouktonglang
Sep-2023Enhancement of heuristic optimization algorithms based on evolutionary computational methods and applicationsThanasak Mouktonglang; Thaned Rojsiraphisal; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Wipawinee Chaiwino
1-Jan-2022Finite-Time Boundedness of Linear Uncertain Switched Positive Time-Varying Delay Systems with Finite-Time Unbounded Subsystems and Exogenous DisturbanceThanasak Mouktonglang; Suriyon Yimnet
1-Dec-2019Fourth-order conservative algorithm for nonlinear wave propagation: The rosenau-KdV equationRakbhoom Chousurin; Thanasak Mouktonglang; Phakdi Charoensawan
1-Jan-2022Global Exponential Stability of Both Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Switched Positive Time-Varying Delay Systems with Interval Uncertainties and All Unstable SubsystemsThanasak Mouktonglang; Suriyon Yimnet
1-Feb-2019High Voltage Power Line Maintenance Inspection by Using Smart RoboticsThongchai Disyadej; Jatuporn Promjan; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Thanasak Mouktonglang; Stanislaw Grzybowski; Paisarn Muneesawang
1-Jan-2022Hyers-Ulam stability of hom-derivations in Banach algebrasThanasak Mouktonglang; Raweerote Suparatulatorn; Choonkil Park
1-Jun-2021Identifying the locations of atmospheric pollution point source by using a hybrid particle swarm optimizationWipawinee Chaiwino; Panasun Manorot; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Thanasak Mouktonglang
1-Jan-2017An interior-point trust-region algorithm for quadratic stochastic symmetric programmingPhannipa Kabcome; Thanasak Mouktonglang
1-Jan-2014A modified three-level average linear-implicit finite difference method for the Rosenau-Burgers equationJiraporn Janwised; Ben Wongsaijai; Thanasak Mouktonglang; Kanyuta Poochinapan
1-Jan-2021A novel iterative scheme of operators with property (E) and its applicationsThanasak Mouktonglang; Phakdi Charoensawan; Raweerote Suparatulatorn
1-Dec-2021A parallel Tseng’s splitting method for solving common variational inclusion applied to signal recovery problemsRaweerote Suparatulatorn; Watcharaporn Cholamjiak; Aviv Gibali; Thanasak Mouktonglang
1-Apr-2022Robust Finite-Time Control of Discrete-Time Switched Positive Time-Varying Delay Systems with Exogenous Disturbance and Their ApplicationThanasak Mouktonglang; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Suriyon Yimnet
Mar-2023Solving vehicle routing problem with due dates by job scheduling approachPayakorn Saksuriya; Radom Pongvuthithum; Thanasak Mouktonglang