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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2018Analysis of stability and Hopf bifurcation in a fractional Gauss-type predator–prey model with Allee effect and Holling type-III functional responseKanokrat Baisad; Sompop Moonchai
1-Dec-2010Cellular automata simulation modeling of HIV infection in Lymph Node and peripheral blood compartmentsSompop Moonchai; Yongwimon Lenbury; Wannapong Triampo
1-Jan-2020Controllability analysis of one-and two-dimensional additive real-valued cellular automataChalida Kongsanun; Sompop Moonchai
Mar-2024Kriging methods using non-linear trend functions from machine learning and its applicationsSompop Moonchai; Thaned Rojsiraphisal; Thanasak Mouktonglang; Kanokrat Baisad
29-Oct-2013Modelling and optimization of rebound resilience and hardness of defatted rice bran/calcium carbonate-filled NR vulcanisatesSompop Moonchai; Darinya Moonchai
Mar-2024Modified spatio-temporal interpolation algorithm using a combination of Kriging method and Kalman filterSompop Moonchai; Thaned Rojsiraphisal; Thanasak Mouktonglang; Chalida Kongsanun
1-Jan-2015A new approach to improve accuracy of grey model GMC (1,n) in time series predictionSompop Moonchai; Wanwisa Rakpuang
1-Dec-2020Semiparametric semivariogram modeling with a scaling criterion for node spacing: A case study of solar radiation distribution in ThailandSompop Moonchai; Nawinda Chutsagulprom
1-Feb-2020Short-term forecasting of renewable energy consumption: Augmentation of a modified grey model with a Kalman filterSompop Moonchai; Nawinda Chutsagulprom
1-Dec-2017Stability analysis of a fractional-order two-species facultative mutualism model with harvestingNattakan Supajaidee; Sompop Moonchai