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Title: A Novel On-Board Battery Charger Configuration Based on Nine-Switch Converter fed Open-End Winding AC Motor Drive for Plug-In Electric Vehicles
Authors: Thidarat Thanakam
Yuttana Kumsuwan
Authors: Thidarat Thanakam
Yuttana Kumsuwan
Keywords: Engineering
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2021
Abstract: For plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) using grid power to fulfill the battery, on-board battery chargers are considered by combining hardware operation of charger system and drive system (converters and motors) without additional volume, weight, and cost. More operation features (the active and reactive power) on the on-board battery chargers should support into PEV users and the utility grid. This paper presents a novel configuration of an on-board battery charger for PEVs consist of a nine-switch converter and an open-end winding ac motor. A control strategy is also presented for this on-board battery charger. At the same time, it can control the active power and the reactive power from a PEV user and the utility grid, respectively. Moreover, the bidirectional power flow can operate on either charging mode, driving mode, or supply to the utility grid with galvanic isolation. Only the offline charging mode is presented. To verify the performance of the on-board battery charger, the simulation results are provided.
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