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Title: An Experiment for Outdoor GPS Localization Enhancement using Kalman Filter with Multiantenna Consumer-Grade Sensors
Authors: Phudinan Singkhamfu
Parinya Suwansrikham
Authors: Phudinan Singkhamfu
Parinya Suwansrikham
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2021
Abstract: Consumer-Grade global positioning system (GPS) is widely used in many domains. The obvious issue of this consumer-grade device is low accuracy and reading fluctuation results. In terms of using an application that requires a more precise location, the output could be difficult. In this study, the authors deploy various methods to reduce the global positioning system data fluctuation and present field test results. Two main types of the device worked together to collect data from global positioning systems, such as Microcontroller for algorithm processing and presenting data and global positioning system receivers for receiving data from a satellite. We combine three global positioning system modules to received signals in a single device and test calculated data compared with the Kalman filtering methods in many cases, including moving and static devices. Implementing the Standard Kalman Filter to multiple global positioning system Modules has improved the constancy of cheap global positioning system equipment. The experiment algorithm is presented significant improvement to overcome the retrieved data fluctuation problem. This study’s contribution will enable creating a cheap global positioning system locator device for various applications that require more accuracy than the standard consumer-grade receiver.
ISSN: 21565570
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