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dc.contributor.authorSintip Pattanakuharen_US
dc.contributor.authorTawika Kaewchuren_US
dc.contributor.authorNapatsorn Saiyasiten_US
dc.contributor.authorNipon Chattipakornen_US
dc.contributor.authorSiriporn C. Chattipakornen_US
dc.description.abstractStudy design: A cross-sectional study. Objective: To investigate the correlations between gut microbiota and metabolic parameters in people with different levels of chronic spinal cord injury (SCI). Setting: An SCI-specialized rehabilitation facility in a university hospital. Methods: Forty-three participants with chronic SCI were recruited. Blood samples of each participant were collected for analysis of metabolic parameters. Feces were collected after the bowel opening method the patient routinely uses to evaluate fecal bacterial microbiota using quantitative RT-PCR. Body composition was examined using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). Data were analyzed to evaluate the correlations between gut microbiota and other parameters. Results: Of the 43 participants, 31 people (72.1%) were paraplegic and 12 people (27.9%) tetraplegic. Thirty-two people (74.4%) were diagnosed with obesity using the percentage of body fat (% body fat) criteria. The mean (SD) ratio of Firmicutes:Bacteroides (F/B), which represents the degree of gut dysbiosis, was 18.3 (2.45). Using stepwise multivariable linear regression analysis, both having tetraplegia and being diagnosed with obesity from % body fat evaluated by DEXA were independent positively-correlating factors of F/B (p < 0.001 and p = 0.001, respectively), indicating more severe gut dysbiosis in people with tetraplegia than paraplegia. Conclusion: In people with chronic SCI, having tetraplegia and being diagnosed with obesity from % body fat evaluated by DEXA are independent positive-correlating factors of gut dysbiosis. These results indicate a significant association between gut microbiota and the characteristics of SCI as well as metabolic parameters.en_US
dc.titleLevel of injury is an independent determining factor of gut dysbiosis in people with chronic spinal cord injury: A cross-sectional studyen_US
article.title.sourcetitleSpinal Corden_US of Medicine, Chiang Mai Universityen_US Mai Universityen_US
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