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Title: Current Insight into Traditional and Modern Methods in Fungal Diversity Estimates
Authors: Ajay Kumar Gautam
Rajnish Kumar Verma
Shubhi Avasthi
Yogita Bohra
Bandarupalli Devadatha
Mekala Niranjan
Nakarin Suwannarach
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2022
Abstract: Fungi are an important and diverse component in various ecosystems. The methods to identify different fungi are an important step in any mycological study. Classical methods of fungal identification, which rely mainly on morphological characteristics and modern use of DNA based molecular techniques, have proven to be very helpful to explore their taxonomic identity. In the present compilation, we provide detailed information on estimates of fungi provided by different mycologistsover time. Along with this, a comprehensive analysis of the importance of classical and molecular methods is also presented. In orderto understand the utility of genus and species specific markers in fungal identification, a polyphasic approach to investigate various fungi is also presented in this paper. An account of the study of various fungi based on culture-based and cultureindependent methods is also provided here to understand the development and significance of both approaches. The available information on classical and modern methods compiled in this study revealed that the DNA based molecular studies are still scant, and more studies are required to achieve the accurate estimation of fungi present on earth.
ISSN: 2309608X
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