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Title: Efficacy of chitosan-coated paper incorporated with vanillin and ethylene adsorbents on the control of anthracnose and the quality of Nam Dok Mai mango fruit
Authors: Ratchadaporn Jaimun
Jurmkwan Sangsuwan
Authors: Ratchadaporn Jaimun
Jurmkwan Sangsuwan
Keywords: Chemistry;Engineering;Materials Science
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2019
Abstract: © 2019 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Mango fruit is perishable and susceptible to anthracnose. Active-coated paper is proposed as potential packaging for commercial application in wrapping mango fruit to control anthracnose and delay the ripening process of fruit. The surface of white standard bleached paper was coated using a vanillin-chitosan coating solution containing varying amounts of zeolite or activated carbon at 0% (vanillin paper), 0.1%, 0.2%, and 0.4%, w/v of ethylene absorbers. The first objective was to study the effect of absorber types and their amounts on ethylene removal. After that, the coating formulation that provided the highest ethylene removal was selected to wrap commercial Nam Dok Mai mango fruit to study the quality changes. The efficacy of active-coated paper on the severity index of anthracnose disease, change in physicochemical properties, and sensory acceptability during storage (13°C, 90% relative humidity (RH) for 30 days) were investigated. It was found that vanillin-chitosan coated paper containing 0.2% (w/v) of zeolite (zeolite paper) exhibited the highest capacity of ethylene adsorption. Zeolite paper could delay the disease incidence of wrapped mango fruit and provided the lowest severity index of anthracnose disease throughout storage. Moreover, changes in physicochemical qualities (weight loss, firmness, titratable acidity, total soluble solid, and color) of mango fruits wrapped in zeolite paper was quite low, compared with those wrapped with vanillin and uncoated papers. In addition, mango wrapped by zeolite paper had the highest sensory acceptance score. The results suggest that zeolite paper can efficiently be applied as wrapping to extend the postharvest life of mango fruit.
ISSN: 10991522
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