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Title: CubeSat platforms, suborbital launching vehicles and space economics: The business case for cubeSat solutions
Authors: Carlos O. Maidana
Authors: Carlos O. Maidana
Keywords: Engineering
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2018
Abstract: © 2018, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc, AIAA. All rights reserved. The space systems industry is undergoing a major transformation from its roots as a purely government-funded industry towards domination by commercial interests. Simultaneously, continued growth in technology and applications has brought about changes in the way the commercial sector sees space, with its exponential growth in capabilities and, along with it, opportunities. Recent improvements in launch technology by countries around the world and the increasing competitiveness of private sector systems are bringing space closer to the ground, placing advanced technology in the hands of an ever-wider range of business activities. Over the next five to ten years, satellite systems are poised to move from major government projects to small satellite constellations. There will be major pressure on suppliers to offer a cost-effective solution to new company start-ups wishing to achieve profitability in as short a time as possible. Technology has also reached a point where advanced capability are no longer the realm of science fiction, but are well within reach of ordinary businesses. CubeSat Solutions was born with the mission of developing, launching and operating low weight satellites offering worldwide turnkey solutions for the small satellite industry. A unique integral low-cost service provider for the construction of small satellites and exploitation of satellite services for any business willing to gain access to orbit. CubeSat Solutions will provide rapid and affordable means for commercial, government and scientific users within cost constrained environment. One of the keys for the low development cost is standardization and the use of commercially available, off-the-shelf, technologies (COTS components) but radiation hardened and military-grade parts will be used when needed. Orbital platforms for different industries will be developed. These platforms will be modular, customizable, scalable, and easily accessible. CubeSat Solutions will offer an integral service of space solutions, which will comprise every step of the life cycle: from the design and development of the nanosatellite(s), to its launch, orbit management, and data delivery to the final user. Providing single point of contact, client needs are determined and a customized solution is designed, which then is developed into one or several nanosatellite systems. This papert introduces the technologies developed by the company and the business case for dedicated small satellite launchers and cubesat platforms.
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