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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2013A photometric study of an ew-Type binary system: GV LeoWichean Kriwattanawong; Panomporn Poojon
11-May-2012An investigation of binary stars in the Pleiades with high contrast and spatial resolutionA. Richichi; W. P. Chen; F. Cusano; O. Fors; M. Moerchen; S. Komonjinda
1-Sep-2012CCD photometric investigation of a W UMa-Type binary GSC 0763-0572Wichean Kriwattanawong; Porntipa Pooseekheaw
21-Nov-2012A study of non-Keplerian velocities in observations of spectroscopic binary starsJ. B. Hearnshaw; Siramas Komonjinda; J. Skuljan; P. M. Kilmartin
1-Jan-2014Geographic information of fish-borne parasitic metacercaria in chi river, Mahasarakham, ThailandC. Nithikathkul; P. Reungsang; A. Trivanich; P. Homchumpa; S. Tongsiri; C. Wongsawad
1-Jan-2014Low-latitude ionospheric height variation as observed by meridional ionosonde chain: Formation of ionospheric ceiling over the magnetic equatorTakashi Maruyama; Jyunpei Uemoto; Mamoru Ishii; Takuya Tsugawa; Pornchai Supnithi; Taradol Komolmis
1-Jan-2014First BVR light curves and preliminary results of a recently discovered W UMa-type binary: V1848 OriW. Kriwattanawong; P. Poojon
1-Apr-2016Period change investigation of the low mass ratio contact binary BO AriW. Kriwattanawong; O. Tasuya; P. Poojon
1-May-2018A photometric analysis of the neglected EW-type binary V336 TrAW. Kriwattanawong; T. Sarotsakulchai; S. Maungkorn; D. E. Reichart; J. B. Haislip; V. V. Kouprianov; A. P. LaCluyze; J. P. Moore
1-Jan-2016Transit timing variation and transmission spectroscopy analyses of the hot Neptune GJ3470bS. Awiphan; E. Kerins; S. Pichadee; S. Komonjinda; V. S. Dhillon; W. Rujopakarn; S. Poshyachinda; T. R. Marsh; D. E. Reichart; K. M. Ivarsen; J. B. Haislip