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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Formation of thin DLC films on SiO<inf>2</inf>/Si substrate using FCVAD techniqueD. Bootkul; S. Intarasiri; C. Aramwit; U. Tippawan; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2013Synthesis and characterization of filtered-cathodic-vacuum-arc-deposited TiO<inf>2</inf>films for photovoltaic applicationsC. Aramwit; S. Intarasiri; D. Bootkul; U. Tippawan; B. Supsermpol; N. Seanphinit; W. Ruangkul; L. D. Yu
1-Oct-2012Nuclear data measurements at the new NFS facility at GANILC. Gustavsson; S. Pomp; G. Scian; F. R. Lecolley; U. Tippawan; Y. Watanabe
1-Dec-2010Double-differential cross sections and kerma coefficients for light-charged particles produced by 96 MeV neutrons on carbonU. Tippawan; S. Pomp; J. Blomgren; S. Dangtip; C. Gustavsson; J. Klug; P. Nadel-Turonski; M. Österlund; L. Nilsson; N. Olsson; O. Jonsson; A. V. Prokofiev; V. Corcalciuc; A. J. Koning; Y. Watanabe
1-Dec-2010An upgrade of the SCANDAL setup for measurements of elastic neutron scattering at 175 MeVP. Andersson; C. Gustavsson; R. Bevilacqua; J. Blomgren; A. Hjalmarsson; A. Kolozhvari; F. R. Lecolley; N. Marie; M. Österlund; S. Pomp; A. Prokofiev; V. Simutkin; M. Tesinsky; U. Tippawan
1-Dec-2010C/O Kerma coefficient ratio for 96 MeV neutrons deduced from microscopic measurementsM. Göttsche; S. Pomp; U. Tippawan; P. Andersson; R. Bevilacqua; J. Blomgren; C. Gustavsson; M. Österlund; V. Simutkin
1-Dec-2010Neutron induced light-ion production from iron and bismuth at 175 MeVR. Bevilacqua; S. Pomp; V. D. Simutkin; U. Tippawan; P. Andersson; J. Blomgren; M. Österlund; M. Hayashi; S. Hirayama; Y. Naito; Y. Watanabe; M. Tesinsky; F. R. Lecolley; N. Marie; A. Hjalmarsson; A. V. Prokofiev; A. Kolozhvari
1-Jan-2010A Medley with over ten years of (mostly) light-ion production measurements at the svedberg laboratoryS. Pomp; R. Bevilacqua; M. Hayashi; S. Hirayama; F. R. Lecolley; N. Marie; Y. Naitou; U. Tippawan; Y. Watanabe; P. Andersson; J. Blomgren; C. Gustavsson; A. Hjalmarsson; A. V. Prokofiev; V. D. Simutkin; E. Tengborn; M. Tesinsky; M. Österlund; A. Kolozhvari
15-Jul-2014Ion beam analysis of rubies and their simulantsU. Juncomma; S. Intarasiri; D. Bootkul; U. Tippawan
25-Nov-2016Analysis and modification of natural red spinel by ion beam techniques for jewelry applicationsD. Bootkul; T. Tengchaisri; U. Tippawan; S. Intarasiri