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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2005The system of nanosecond 280-keV-He+ pulsed beamP. Junphong; V. Ano; N. Thongnopparat; B. Lekprasert; D. Suwannakachorn; T. Vilaithong; H. Wiedemann
1-Dec-2005Generation of femtosecond electron and photon pulsesC. Thongbai; V. Jinamoon; N. Kangrang; K. Kusoljariyakul; S. Rimjaem; J. Saisut; T. Vilaithong; M. W. Rhodes; P. Wichaisirimongkol; H. Wiedemann
1-Dec-2005Setting time and heat of hydration of wastepaper sludge ash-ground granulated blastfurnace slag blended cementsA. Chaipanich; J. Bai; M. O'Farrell; J. M. Kinuthia; B. B. Sabir; S. Wild
1-Dec-2005Beam characterizations at femtosecond electron beam facilityS. Rimjaem; V. Jinamoon; N. Kangrang; K. Kusoljariyakul; J. Saisut; C. Thongbai; T. Vilaithong; M. W. Rhodes; P. Wichaisirimongkol; H. Wiedemann
1-Dec-2005A direct torque control of induction motor using V/f PWM techniqueY. Kumsuwan; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Oranpiroj; T. Boonsai; A. Toliyat
1-Dec-2005A 3-phase 4-wire voltage sag compensator based on three dimensions space vectorK. Oranpiroj; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; Y. Kumsuwan; T. Boonsai; C. V. Nayar
1-Dec-2005An improved PMUs placement method for power system state estimationC. Rakpenthai; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; S. Uatrongjit; N. R. Watson
1-Jul-2005Measurement placement for power system state estimation using decomposition techniqueChawasak Rakpenthai; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Sermsak Uatrongjit; Neville R. Watson
1-Apr-2005An optimal measurement placement method for power system harmonic state estimationChakphed Madtharad; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Neville R. Watson; Ratchai Saeng-Udom
1-May-2005Blind separation of complex I/Q independent sources with phase recoveryLin He; Trasapong Thaiupathump; Saleem A. Kassam