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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2011Coal facies in a Cenozoic paralic lignite bed, Krabi Basin, southern Thailand: Changing peat-forming conditions related to relative sea-level controlled watertable variationsH. I. Petersen; B. Ratanasthien
1-Dec-2012Northern Thailand geothermal resources and development - A review and 2012 updateFongsaward Suvagondha Singharajwarapan; Spencer H. Wood; Natthaporn Prommakorn; Lara Owens
1-Jan-2014Geothermal systems of Northern Thailand and their association with faults active during the quaternarySpencer H. Wood; Fongsaward Suvagondha Singharajwarapan
1-Jan-2016Muang rae geothermal system: Drilling and borehole geophysics, 1000-m core hole into granitic rock, amphoe pai, mae hong son province, northern ThailandSpencer H. Wood; Kriangsak Pirarai; Aranya Fuangswasdi; Wiboon Kaentao; Albert Waibel; Fongsaward S. Singharajwarapan
1-Dec-2006Utilization of biogas from pig farms for energy production and environmental ameliorationPoon Thiengburanathum
1-Oct-2006Petroleum potential, thermal maturity and the oil window of oil shales and coals in cenozoic rift basins, central and Northern ThailandH. I. Petersen; A. Foopatthanakamol; B. Ratanasthien
1-Jul-2008Composition and petroleum potential of lake facies in the FA-MS-48-73 well, mae soon structure, Fang oilfield, Northern ThailandA. Foopatthanakamol; B. Ratanasthien; H. I. Petersen; P. Wongpornchai; W. Utamo
1-Dec-2018Geologic framework of the Fang Hot Springs area with emphasis on structure, hydrology, and geothermal development, Chiang Mai Province, northern ThailandSpencer H. Wood; Pichet Kaewsomwang; Fongsaward Suvagonda Singharajwarapan
1-Apr-2018Assessment of bacterial communities and activities of thermotolerant enzymes produced by bacteria indigenous to oil-bearing sandstone cores for potential application in Enhanced Oil RecoveryNathapat Aurepatipan; Verawat Champreda; Pattanop Kanokratana; Thararat Chitov; Sakunnee Bovonsombut
3-Jul-2017Integration of geographical information systems, meta-heuristics and optimization models for the employee transportation problemTeerapun Saeheaw; Nivit Charoenchai