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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Dynamic analysis of earth dam damaged by the 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku EarthquakeBhuddarak Charatpangoon; Junji Kiyono; Aiko Furukawa; Chayanon Hansapinyo
1-Jan-2014Large-scale soil erosion performance test of water hyacinth limited life geosynthetics combined with Ruzi grassesT. Tanchaisawat; D. T. Bergado; S. Artidteang
15-Oct-2013Estimation of solar radiation based on air temperature and application with the DSSAT v4.5 peanut and rice simulation models in ThailandNittaya Phakamas; Attachai Jintrawet; Aran Patanothai; Prakan Sringam; Gerrit Hoogenboom
1-Feb-2013The microvascular anatomy of the lung in adult xenopus laevis daudin (lissamphibia; anura): Scanning electron microcopy of vascular corrosion casts and correlative light microscopyWasan Tangphokhanon; Alois Lametschwandtner
1-Jan-2013Longitudinal modulation of the brightness of Io's auroral footprint emission: Comparison with modelsS. Wannawichian; J. T. Clarke; F. Bagenal; C. A. Peterson; J. D. Nichols
1-Aug-2013Mango (Mangifera indica L. cv. Nam Dokmai) production in Northern Thailand-Costs and returns under extreme weather conditions and different irrigation treatmentsKatrin Schulze; Wolfram Spreer; Alwin Keil; Somchai Ongprasert; Joachim Müller
1-Jan-2014Low-latitude ionospheric height variation as observed by meridional ionosonde chain: Formation of ionospheric ceiling over the magnetic equatorTakashi Maruyama; Jyunpei Uemoto; Mamoru Ishii; Takuya Tsugawa; Pornchai Supnithi; Taradol Komolmis
1-Dec-2015Coastal seas in a changing world: Anthropogenic impact and environmental responsesChen Tung Arthur Chen; Xuelu Gao; Joji Ishizaka; Louis Lebel
1-Jan-2015Effects of Chiangrai earthquake to Mae Ngat dam from instrument interpretation and finite element simulationTawatchai Tanchaisawat; Sirikanya Laosuwan; Phouthamala Sitthivong
1-Apr-2016Latitudinal variation of the specific local time of postmidnight enhancement peaks in F layer electron density at low latitudes: A case studyChunhua Jiang; Chi Deng; Guobin Yang; Jing Liu; Peng Zhu; Tatsuhiro Yokoyama; Huan Song; Ting Lan; Chen Zhou; Xiongbin Wu; Yuannong Zhang; Zhengyu Zhao; Tharadol Komolmis; Pornchai Supnithi; Clara Y. Yatini