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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2020Geological model and development of the Cenozoic Wiang Pa Pao Basin, Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand, based on gravity data modelling and surface structural interpretationNiti Mangkhemthong; Christopher K. Morley; Suebchart Kanthiya; Siriporn Chaisri
1-Apr-2020Structure of the Mae On Depression, Chiang Mai province, based on gravity modelling and geological field observation: Implications for tectonic evolution of the Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai Suture Zone, Northern ThailandNiti Mankhemthong; Christopher K. Morley; Weerapan Srichan
1-Jan-2020Structural and tectonic development of the Indo-Burma rangesC. K. Morley; Tin Tin Naing; M. Searle; S. A. Robinson
1-Jan-2020Ambient PM<inf>2.5</inf>, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and biomass burning tracer in Mae Sot District, western ThailandRadshadaporn Janta; Kazuhiko Sekiguchi; Ryosuke Yamaguchi; Khajornsak Sopajaree; Siwatt Pongpiachan; Thaneeya Chetiyanukornkul
1-Jan-2020A modeling framework of hierarchical earthquake relief center locations under demand uncertaintyJessada Pochan; Preda Pichayapan; Kriangkrai Arunotayanun
1-Jan-2020Seismic analysis of dam-relevant structures in Northern ThailandBhuddarak Charatpangoon; Chayanon Hansapinyo; Junji Kiyono
1-Jan-2020Investigating polygonal fault topological variability: Structural causes vs image resolutionC. K. Morley; H. Binazirnejad
1-Jan-2020Weak lensing analysis of CODEX clusters using dark energy camera legacy survey: Mass-richness relationAnirut Phriksee; Eric Jullo; Marceau Limousin; Huan Yuan Shan; Alexis Finoguenov; Siramas Komonjinda; Suwicha Wannawichian; Utane Sawangwit
1-Nov-2020Fines migration and permeability decline during reservoir depletion coupled with clay swelling due to low-salinity water injection: An analytical studySuparit Tangparitkul; Alexander Saul; Cheowchan Leelasukseree; Muhammad Yusuf; Azim Kalantariasl
28-Jul-2020Feasibility study of thermal anomaly detection for earthquake: A case study from 2014 Mae Lao earthquake, ThailandP. Wongpornchai; C. Suwanprasit