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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Structural and fluid evolution of Saraburi Group sedimentary carbonates, central Thailand: A tectonically driven fluid systemJohn Warren; Christopher K. Morley; Thasinee Charoentitirat; Ian Cartwright; Prueksarat Ampaiwan; Patcharin Khositchaisri; Maryam Mirzaloo; Jakkrich Yingyuen
1-Jan-2014Complex structure of an upper-level shale detachment zone: Khao Khwang fold and thrust belt, Central ThailandRowan Lawrence Hansberry; Rosalind King; Alan S. Collins; Christopher K. Morley
1-Aug-2015Syn-deformation temperature and fossil fluid pathways along an exhumed detachment zone, khao khwang fold-thrust belt, ThailandRowan L. Hansberry; Alan S. Collins; Rosalind C. King; Christopher K. Morley; Andy P. Gize; John Warren; Stefan C. Löhr; P. A. Hall
1-Jul-2015Neo-Tethyan magmatism and metallogeny in Myanmar - An Andean analogue?Nicholas J. Gardiner; Michael P. Searle; Laurence J. Robb; Christopher K. Morley
1-May-2016Detrital zircon analysis of the southwest Indochina terrane, central Thailand: Unravelling the Indosinian orogenyFrancesco Arboit; Alan S. Collins; Christopher K. Morley; Rosalind King; Khalid Amrouch
1-Jan-2016Did Oligocene crustal thickening precede basin development in northern Thailand? A geochronological reassessment of Doi Inthanon and Doi SuthepNicholas J. Gardiner; Nick M.W. Roberts; Christopher K. Morley; Michael P. Searle; Martin J. Whitehouse
1-Dec-2016The tectonic and metallogenic framework of Myanmar: A Tethyan mineral systemNicholas J. Gardiner; Laurence J. Robb; Christopher K. Morley; Michael P. Searle; Peter A. Cawood; Martin J. Whitehouse; Christopher L. Kirkland; Nick M.W. Roberts; Tin Aung Myint
1-Aug-2016Geochronological and geochemical studies of mafic and intermediate dykes from the Khao Khwang Fold–Thrust Belt: Implications for petrogenesis and tectonic evolutionFrancesco Arboit; Alan S. Collins; Christopher K. Morley; Fred Jourdan; Rosalind King; John Foden; Khalid Amrouch
1-Feb-2016Growth faults above shale - Seismic-scale outcrop analogues from the Makran foreland, SW PakistanStefan Back; Christopher K. Morley
2-Oct-2018Tectono-thermal evolution of a long-lived segment of the East African Rift System: Thermochronological insights from the North Lokichar Basin, Turkana, KenyaSamuel C. Boone; Barry P. Kohn; Andrew J.W. Gleadow; Christopher K. Morley; Christian Seiler; David A. Foster; Ling Chung