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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2015Physico-chemical and gel properties of agar from Gracilaria tenuistipitata from the lake of Songkhla, ThailandSuthasinee Yarnpakdee; Soottawat Benjakul; Passakorn Kingwascharapong
1-Dec-2016The Improvement of Texture and Quality of Minimally Processed Litchi Fruit Using Various Calcium SaltsPutkrong Phanumong; Jurmkwan Sangsuwan; Sang Moo Kim; Nithiya Rattanapanone
1-Feb-2018Ultrasound assisted extraction of anthocyanins and total phenolic compounds from dried cob of purple waxy corn using response surface methodologyRattana Muangrat; Israpong Pongsirikul; Paula H. Blanco
1-Dec-2017Subcritical solvent extraction of total anthocyanins from dried purple waxy corn: Influence of process conditionsRattana Muangrat; Paul T. Williams; Phanat Saengcharoenrat
1-Nov-2017Interaction of human serum albumin with volatiles and polyphenols from some berriesRajamohamed Beema Shafreen; Tomasz Dymerski; Jacek Namieśnik; Zenon Jastrzębski; Suchada Vearasilp; Shela Gorinstein
1-Feb-2017Microencapsulation of Black Glutinous Rice Anthocyanins Using Maltodextrins Produced from Broken Rice Fraction as Wall Material by Spray Drying and Freeze DryingThunnop Laokuldilok; Nattapong Kanha
1-Aug-2017Ethylene Treated Kiwi Fruits during Storage. Part I: Postharvest Bioactive, Antioxidant and Binding PropertiesMartin Polovka; Yong Seo Park; Kyung Sik Ham; Yang Kyun Park; Suchada Vearasilp; Pawel Pasko; Fernando Toledo; Patricia Arancibia-Avila; Shela Gorinstein
1-Dec-2006Characterization of γ-glutamyl hydrolase produced by Bacillus sp. isolated from Thai Thua-naoOrawan Chunhachart; Takenori Itoh; Morakot Sukchotiratana; Hiroyuki Tanimoto; Yasutaka Tahara
1-Jun-2018Screw press extraction of Sacha inchi seeds: Oil yield and its chemical composition and antioxidant propertiesRattana Muangrat; Pattawee Veeraphong; Narirat Chantee
1-Jul-2018Protective effect of sweet basil extracts against vitamin C degradation in a model solution and in guava juiceThanyaporn Siriwoharn; Suthat Surawang