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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2022Qualitative Characterization of Astringent and De-astringed Intact ‘Xichu’ Persimmon Fruit Using VIS/SWNIR and ChemometricsPhuangphet Hemrattrakun; Danai Boonyakiat; Kazuhiro Nakano; Shintaroh Ohashi; Phonkrit Maniwara; Sila Kittiwachana; Parichat Theanjumpol
1-Mar-2022Design and Manufacturing of Angular DC Magnetron Co-Sputtering System to Provide Multilayer FilmsPreecha Changyom; Komgrit Leksakul; Dheerawan Boonyawan; Chanchai Dechthummarong
1-Apr-2022Robust Finite-Time Control of Discrete-Time Switched Positive Time-Varying Delay Systems with Exogenous Disturbance and Their ApplicationThanasak Mouktonglang; Kanyuta Poochinapan; Suriyon Yimnet
1-Apr-2022An Accelerated Fixed-Point Algorithm with an Inertial Technique for a Countable Family of G-Nonexpansive Mappings Applied to Image RecoveryKobkoon Janngam; Rattanakorn Wattanataweekul
1-Jan-2021Miniaturized green analytical method for determination of silver ions using c-phycocyanin from cyanobacteria as an ecofriendly reagentNapaporn Youngvises; Duy Hien Nguyen; Theppanya Charoenrat; Supaporn Kradtap-Hartwell; Jaroon Jakmunee; Awadh Alsuhaimi
1-Jan-2021Inhibitory efficacy of Camellia sinensis leaf and medicinal plant extracts on Helicobacter pylori standard and isolate strains growth, urease enzyme production and epithelial cell adhesionThida Kaewkod; Piyada Wangroongsarb; Itthayakorn Promputtha; Yingmanee Tragoolpua
1-Jan-2021Application of artificial neural network for tracing the geographical origins of coffee bean in northern areas of Thailand using near infrared spectroscopySakunna Wongsaipun; Parichat Theanjumpol; Nadthawat Muenmanee; Danai Boonyakiat; Sujitra Funsueb; Sila Kittiwachana
1-Jan-2021Application of MeV ion beam induced X-ray emission in elemental analysis of biosamplesSudarat Wongke; Sirawut Natyanun; Liangdeng Yu; Chaiyon Chaiwai; Paitoon Narongchai; Udomrat Tippawan
1-Jan-2021Kinetic and mechanistic studies of bulk copolymerization of l-lactide and glycolide initiated by liquid tin(Ii) n-butoxideTawan Chaiwon; Montira Sriyai; Puttinan Meepowpan; Robert Molloy; Kanarat Nalampang; Narin Kaabbuathong; Winita Punyodom
1-Jan-2021Screening of coffee impurity using a homemade nir sensor systemPimpakhan Kaewpangchan; Nutthatida Phuangsaijai; Pimjai Seehanam; Parichat Theanjumpol; Phonkrit Maniwara; Sila Kittiwachana