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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016LUNAR OCCULTATIONS of 18 STELLAR SOURCES from the 2.4 m Thai NATIONAL TELESCOPEA. Richichi; O. Tasuya; P. Irawati; B. Soonthornthum; V. S. Dhillon; T. R. Marsh
1-Jan-2015Extraction of complex plantations from VHR imagery using OBIA techniquesC. Suwanprasit; J. Strobl; J. Adamczyk
4-Sep-2006Detection of ruptures of Andaman fault segments in the 2004 great Sumatra earthquake with coseismic ionospheric disturbancesKosuke Heki; Yuichi Otsuka; Nithiwatthn Choosakul; Narong Hemmakorn; Tharadol Komolmis; Takashi Maruyama
1-Sep-2006OH masers associated with bipolar outflow in ON1S. Nammahachak; K. Asanok; B. Hutawarakorn Kramer; R. J. Cohen; O. Muanwong; N. Gasiprong
1-Jun-2006Deep, low mass ratio overcontact binary systems. VI. AH cancri in the old open cluster M67S. B. Qian; L. Liu; B. Soonthornthum; L. Y. Zhu; J. J. He
1-May-2006HL Aurigae: A pre-contact binary system with a solar-mass companionS. B. Qian; L. Y. Zhu; S. Boonruksar
1-Jul-2009An Investigation of the Physical Mechanisms of Orbital Period Variations of the Semidetached Binary UW VirJia Zhang; Sheng Bang Qian; Soonthornthum Boonrucksar
1-Sep-2009Maser maps and magnetic field of OH 300.969+1.147J. L. Caswell; B. Hutawarakorn Kramer; J. E. Reynolds
1-Jan-2017The first photometric investigation and orbital period variation analysis of the W UMa type binary IK BootisWichean Kriwattanawong; Nuanwan Sanguansak; Sakdawoot Maungkorn
1-Jan-2017Modeling Anopheles mosquito density spatial and seasonal variations using remotely sensed imagery and statistical methodsA. Charoenpanyanet