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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2013Maximal 3-local subgroups of symmetric groupsPunnzeyar Patthanangkoor; Sompong Dhompongsa
24-Aug-2013An investigation of thermal characteristics of a sintered-wick heat pipe with double heat sourcesNattawut Tharawadee; Pradit Terdtoon; Niti Kammuang-Lue
14-Nov-2013Use of the kidney injury molecule-1 as a biomarker for early detection of renal tubular dysfunction in a population chronically exposed to cadmium in the environmentWerawan Ruangyuttikarn; Amnart Panyamoon; Kowit Nambunmee; Ryumon Honda; Witaya Swaddiwudhipong; Muneko Nishijo
13-Aug-2013Characterization of Siam tulip (curcuma alismatifolia) cystatin (CaCPI)Ruangwit Porruan; Somboon Anuntalabhochai
1-Dec-2013Pangola grass as forage for ruminant animals: A reviewKanitta Tikam; Chirawat Phatsara; Choke Mikled; Therdchai Vearasilp; Wirapon Phunphiphat; Jeerasak Chobtang; Anusorn Cherdthong; Karl Heinz S├╝dekum
13-Aug-2013Antioxidant activity, vitamin C content and growth of chinese kale in response to high humus seedling media and beneficial microorganismsFapailin Chaiwon; Choochad Santasup; Kanokwan Sringarm; Arawan Shutsrirung
13-Aug-2013Retrospective study of pulpectomy with vitapex® and LSTR with three antibiotics combination (3Mix) for non-vital pulp treatment in primary teethAchiraya Duanduan; Varisara Sirimaharaj; Papimon Chompu-inwai
9-Sep-2013Petrochemistry and origin of basalt breccia from Ban Sap Sawat area, Wichian Buri, Phetchabun, central ThailandPhisit Limtrakun; Yuenyong Panjasawatwong; Jongkonnee Khanmanee
29-Oct-2013Wastewater treatment performances of horizontal and vertical subsurface flow constructed wetland systems in tropical climateSuwasa Kantawanichkul; Suparurk Wannasri
13-Aug-2013Compressive strength of blended Portland cement mortars incorporating fly ash and silica fume at high volume replacementWatcharapong Wongkeo; Arnon Chaipanich