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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2005Reduction of organic matter and trihalomethane formation potential in reclaimed water from treated industrial estate wastewater by coagulationCharongpun Musikavong; Suraphong Wattanachira; Taha F. Marhaba; Prasert Pavasant
1-Aug-2005Low temperature hydrothermal synthesis of bismuth sodium titanate nanopowdersPusit Pookmanee; Sukon Phanichphant
1-Jan-2008Direct ascorbic acid detection with ferritin immobilized on single-walled carbon nanotubesC. Dechakiatkrai; J. Chen; C. Lynam; K. M. Shin; S. J. Kim; S. Phanichphant; G. G. Wallace
1-Dec-2007In situ transient deformation of chondrocytes under unconfined compression: Experimental measurements and triphasic finite element modelMorakot Likhitpanichkul; X. Edward Guo; C. Van Mow
1-Aug-2007Thermal behavior of spiral fin-and-tube heat exchanger having fly ash depositAtipoang Nuntaphan; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat
1-Jan-2007Effect of inclination angle on free convection thermal performance of louver finned heat exchangerAtipoang Nuntaphan; Sanparwat Vithayasai; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat; Chi Chuan Wang
1-Sep-2007Long-term operation of a small biogas/diesel dual-fuel engine for on-farm electricity generationN. Tippayawong; A. Promwungkwa; P. Rerkkriangkrai
1-Apr-2007Air-cooling enhancement with delta winglet vortex generators in entrance region of in-line array electronic modulesS. Chomdee; T. Kiatsiriroat
1-Jan-2009Correlation to predict the maximum heat flux of a vertical closed-loop pulsating heat pipeNiti Kammuang-Lue; Phrut Sakulchangsatjatai; Pradit Terdtoon; D. Joseph Mook
1-Feb-2009Direct growth of carbon nanotubes onto titanium dioxide nanoparticlesChonlada Dechakiatkrai; Jun Chen; Carol Lynam; Natda Wetchakul; Sukon Phanichphant; Gordon G. Wallace