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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018Differential gene expression in heterophils isolated from commercial hybrid and Thai indigenous broiler chickens under quercetin supplementationTanakrit Khampeerathuch; Acharaporn Mudsak; Suphakit Srikok; Soulasack Vannamahaxay; Suwit Chotinun; Phongsakorn Chuammitri
1-Jan-2018An increasing electromechanical window is a predictive marker of ventricular fibrillation in anesthetized rabbit with ischemic heartVudhiporn Limprasutr; Prapawadee Pirintr; Anusak Kijtawornrat; Robert L. Hamlin
1-Aug-2016Salmonella in pork retail outlets and dissemination of its pulsotypes through pig production chain in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas, ThailandPrapas Patchanee; Kankanok Tansiricharoenkul; Tunyamai Buawiratlert; Anuwat Wiratsudakul; Kittipat Angchokchatchawal; Panuwat Yamsakul; Terdsak Yano; Phacharaporn Boonkhot; Suvichai Rojanasatien; Pakpoom Tadee
1-Nov-2016Morphology of immature stages of flesh flies, Boettcherisca nathani and Lioproctia pattoni (Diptera: Sarcophagidae)Chutharat Samerjai; Sangob Sanit; Kom Sukontason; Nimit Morakote; Anchalee Wannasan; Roberto M. Pereira; Kabkaew L. Sukontason
1-Jun-2016Application of DNA barcoding for identifying forensically relevant Diptera from northern ThailandBarbara Karolina Zajac; Narin Sontigun; Anchalee Wannasan; Marcel A. Verhoff; Kabkaew Sukontason; Jens Amendt; Richard Zehner
1-Aug-2016Determination of male-specific gene expression of White Lamphun cattle semen treated by monoclonal antibodiesSirikron Dumrongsri; T. Khamlor; P. Pongpiachan; K. Sringarm
24-Feb-2015Angelica sinensis (Umbelliferae) with proven repellent properties against Aedes aegypti, the primary dengue fever vector in ThailandD. Champakaew; A. Junkum; U. Chaithong; A. Jitpakdi; D. Riyong; R. Sanghong; J. Intirach; R. Muangmoon; A. Chansang; B. Tuetun; B. Pitasawat
1-Mar-2015The mosquito Anopheles (Cellia) oreios sp. n., formerly species 6 of the Australasian Anopheles farauti complex, and a critical review of its biology and relation to diseaseM. J. Bangs; K. Taai; T. M. Howard; S. Cook; R. E. Harbach
1-Jan-2015A comparative study of range of motion of forelimb and hind limb in walk pattern and trot pattern of Chihuahua dogs affected and non-affected with Patellar LuxationSarisa Klinhom; Trustchada Chaichit; Korakot Nganvongpanit
10-Aug-2015Association of non-synonymous SNPs of OPN gene with litter size traits in pigsT. Kumchoo; S. Mekchay