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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010Fabrication and electrical properties of lead zirconate titanate-cement-epoxy compositesR. Rianyoi; R. Potong; N. Jaitanong; R. Yimnirun; A. Chaipanich
15-May-2010Effects of vibro-milling time on phase formation and particle size of Zn<inf>3</inf>Nb<inf>2</inf>O<inf>8</inf>nanopowdersA. Prasatkhetragarn; P. Ketsuwan; S. Ananta; R. Yimnirun
2-Jan-2014Effect of barium titanate particle size on electrical properties of 0-3 barium titanate-portland cement compositesR. Rianyoi; R. Potong; R. Yimnirun; A. Chaipanich
1-Sep-2014Piezoelectric properties of cement based/PVDF/PZT compositesN. Jaitanong; R. Yimnirun; H. R. Zeng; G. R. Li; Q. R. Yin; A. Chaipanich
1-Apr-2012Synthesis, structural and electrical properties of double perovskite Sr <inf>2</inf>NiMoO <inf>6</inf> ceramicsA. Prasatkhetragarn; S. Kaowphong; R. Yimnirun
1-Feb-2012The morphotropic phase boundary in the (1 - x)PbZrO<inf>3-x</inf>[0.3Bi(Zn<inf>1/2</inf>Ti<inf>1/2</inf>)O<inf>3</inf>-0.7PbTiO<inf>3</inf>] perovskite solid solutionT. Sareein; W. Hu; X. Tan; R. Yimnirun
12-Oct-2016Relaxor-like behavior and ferroelectric evolution in (1-x)[0.5BZT−0.5PT]−(x)BKT ternary systemA. Prasatkhetragarn; A. Ngamjarurojana; R. Yimnirun
1-Mar-2016Structure and phase formation behavior and dielectric and magnetic properties of lead iron tantalate-lead zirconate titanate multiferroic ceramicsR. Wongmaneerung; R. Tipakontitikul; P. Jantaratana; A. Bootchanont; J. Jutimoosik; R. Yimnirun; S. Ananta
19-Feb-2016Piezoelectric Force Microscope Investigation and Ferroelectric Hysteresis Behavior of High Volume Piezoelectric Ceramic in 0-3 Lead Zirconate Titanate-Cement CompositesA. Chaipanich; H. R. Zeng; G. R. Li; Q. R. Yin; R. Yimnirun; N. Jaitanong
1-Aug-2009Ferroelectric properties of (1 - X)Bi(Zn<inf>1/2</inf>Ti<inf>1/2</inf>)O<inf>3</inf>-xPbZrO<inf>3</inf>ceramicsO. Khamman; X. Tan; S. Ananta; R. Yimnirun