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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Regenerative capacity of human dental pulp and apical papilla cells after treatment with a 3-antibiotic mixturePanupat Phumpatrakom; Tanida Srisuwan
1-Feb-2014Comparisons of the chondroitin sulphate levels in orthodontically moved canines and the clinical outcomes between two different force magnitudesKanlaya Insee; Peraphan Pothacharoen; Prachya Kongtawelert; Siriwan Ongchai; Dhirawat Jotikasthira; Suttichai Krisanaprakornkit
1-Mar-2014Effect of smear layer deproteinizing on resin-dentine interface with self-etch adhesiveOrnnicha Thanatvarakorn; Masatoshi Nakajima; Taweesak Prasansuttiporn; Shizuko Ichinose; Richard M. Foxton; Junji Tagami
1-Jan-2014Salivary pelliclesLiselott Lindh; Watcharapong Aroonsang; Javier Sotres; Thomas Arnebrant
4-Oct-2013Effects of enamel and dentine thickness on laser doppler blood-flow signals recorded from the underlying pulp cavity in human teeth in vitroP. Banthitkhunanon; S. Chintakanan; S. Wanachantararak; N. Vongsavan; B. Matthews
4-Dec-2013Polymerization behavior within adhesive layer of one- and two-step self-etch adhesives: A micro-Raman spectroscopic studyWakae Sakano; Masatoshi Nakajima; Taweesak Prasansuttiporn; Richard M. Foxton; Junji Tagami
1-Dec-2013Image analysis of the eruptive positions of third molars and adjacent second molars as indicators of age evaluation in Thai patientsPhattaranant May Mahasantipiya; Sakarat Pramojanee; Trasapong Thaiupathump
31-Jul-2013Effect of a calcium-phosphate based desensitizer on dentin surface characteristicsOrnnicha Thanatvarakorn; Syozi Nakashima; Alireza Sadr; Taweesak Prasansuttiporn; Suppason Thitthaweerat; Junji Tagami
1-Jun-2013Mode of delivery, mutans streptococci colonization, and early childhood caries in three- to five-year-old Thai childrenK. Pattanaporn; P. Saraithong; S. Khongkhunthian; J. Aleksejuniene; P. Laohapensang; N. Chhun; Z. Chen; Y. Li
1-Jan-2013CD99 ligation induces intercellular cell adhesion molecule-1 expression and secretion in human gingival fibroblastsSuttichai Krisanaprakornkit; Pareena Chotjumlong; Supansa Pata; Nuttapol Chruewkamlow; Vichai Reutrakul; Watchara Kasinrerk