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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2013TNF-α inhibition using etanercept prevents noise-induced hearing loss by improvement of cochlear blood flow in vivoWarangkana Arpornchayanon; Martin Canis; Friedrich Ihler; Claudia Settevendemie; Sebastian Strieth
4-Sep-2013Managing school safety in Thailand: Assessing the implications and potential of a lean thinking frameworkPachernwaat Srichai; Pitipong Yodmongkol; Pradorn Sureephong; Komsak Meksamoot
26-Aug-2013The Wa authority and good governance, 1989-2007Ronald D. Renard
8-Dec-2014Dara'ang PalaungSujaritlak Deepadung; Ampika Rattanapitak; Supakit Buakaw
1-Jan-2013Assessment of Music Therapy for Rehabilitation Among Physically Disabled People in Chiang Mai Province: A Pilot StudyJakkrit Klaphajone; Lakkana Thaikruea; Montana Boontrakulpoontawee; Pakorn Vivatwongwana; Sittichai Kanongnuch; Anuruk Tantong
1-Jan-2013Reply to richard symesP. Kunavisarut
1-May-2013Olbers's planetary explosion hypothesis: Genesis and early nineteenth-century interpretationsClifford J. Cunningham; Wayne Orchiston
1-Jan-2011Predictive factors and outcomes of posterior segment intraocular foreign bodiesJ. Choovuthayakorn; L. Hansapinyo; N. Ittipunkul; D. Patikulsila; P. Kunavisarut
1-Aug-2012Agreement in Mother and Father Acceptance-Rejection, Warmth, and Hostility/Rejection/ Neglect of Children Across Nine CountriesDiane L. Putnick; Marc H. Bornstein; Jennifer E. Lansford; Lei Chang; Kirby Deater-Deckard; Laura Di Giunta; Sevtap Gurdal; Kenneth A. Dodge; Patrick S. Malone; Paul O. Oburu; Concetta Pastorelli; Ann T. Skinner; Emma Sorbring; Sombat Tapanya; Liliana Maria Uribe Tirado; Arnaldo Zelli; Liane Peña Alampay; Suha M. Al-Hassan; Dario Bacchini; Anna Silvia Bombi
1-Oct-2012Frontier capitalism and the expansion of rubber plantations in southern LaosPinkaew Laungaramsri