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dc.contributor.authorYizhong Wangen_US
dc.contributor.authorXueshan Xiaen_US
dc.contributor.authorChunhua Lien_US
dc.contributor.authorNiwat Maneekarnen_US
dc.contributor.authorWenjie Xiaen_US
dc.contributor.authorWenhua Zhaoen_US
dc.contributor.authorYue Fengen_US
dc.contributor.authorHsiang Fu Kungen_US
dc.contributor.authorYongshui Fuen_US
dc.contributor.authorLing Luen_US
dc.description.abstractBackground: Although hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 6 is classified into 21 subtypes, 6a-6u, new variants continue to be identified. Objective: To characterize the full-length genomes of three novel HCV genotype 6 variants: KMN02, KM046 and KM181. Study design: From sera of patients with HCV infection, the entire HCV genome was amplified by RT-PCR followed by direct DNA sequencing and phylogenetic analysis. Results: The sera contained HCV genomes of 9461, 9429, and 9461 nt in length, and each harboured a single ORF of 9051 nt. The genomes showed 95.3-98.1% nucleotide similarity to each other and 72.2-75.4% similarity to 23 genotype 6 reference sequences, which represent subtypes 6a-6u and unassigned variants km41 and gz52557. Phylogenetic analyses demonstrated that they were genotype 6, but were subtypically distinct. Based on the current criteria of HCV classification, they were designed to represent a new subtype, 6v. Analysis of E1 and NS5B region partial sequences revealed two additional related variants, CMBD-14 and CMBD-86 that had been previously reported in northern Thailand and sequences dropped into Genbank. Conclusion: Three novel HCV genotype 6 variants were entirely sequenced and designated subtype 6v. © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.en_US
dc.subjectImmunology and Microbiologyen_US
dc.titleA new HCV genotype 6 subtype designated 6v was confirmed with three complete genome sequencesen_US
article.title.sourcetitleJournal of Clinical Virologyen_US
article.volume44en_US Yat-Sen Universityen_US Universityen_US of Utahen_US Mai Universityen_US Blood Centeren_US Tropical and Subtropical Animal Virus Diseases Laboratoryen_US Yat-Sen University Cancer Centeren_US
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