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dc.contributor.authorPiyarat Udomwanen_US
dc.contributor.authorSuchaya Luewanen_US
dc.contributor.authorTheera Tongsongen_US
dc.description.abstractObjective. The purpose of this study was to establish reference ranges for the transverse aortic arch diameter (TAD) and distal aortic isthmus diameter (DAID) in normal singleton pregnancies (14-40 weeks) based on the 3-vessel/trachea (3VT) view of cardio-spatiotemporal image correlation (STIC) volume data sets. Methods. A prospective descriptive study was conducted on uncomplicated singleton pregnancies with healthy fetuses and an accurate gestational age (GA). Cardio-STIC examinations were performed by experienced sonographers using a high-resolution ultrasound machine, and the volume data sets were manipulated to obtain the 3VT view and measured for the TAD and DAID. Results. A total of 554 measurements were performed, ranging from 13 to 30 for each gestational week. The best regression models were as follows: TAD (in millimeters) = -1.01 + 1.69 (GA, in weeks) (r2 = 0.93; P < .001), and DAID (in millimeters) = -0.85 + 1.54 (GA, in weeks) (r2 = 0.92; P < .001). A table of nomograms for 5th, 50th, and 95th percentile ranges was constructed. Conclusions. Normative data for the TAD and DAID at each gestational week from 14 to 40 weeks were constructed by a new technique of measurement based on cardio-STIC. These reference ranges may be useful tools for assessment of fetal aortic arch abnormalities. © 2009 by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.en_US
dc.subjectHealth Professionsen_US
dc.titleFetal aortic arch measurements at 14 to 40 weeks' gestation derived by spatiotemporal image correlation volume data setsen_US
article.title.sourcetitleJournal of Ultrasound in Medicineen_US
article.volume28en_US Mai Universityen_US
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