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Title: The development of sports science knowledge management systems through CommonKADS and digital Kanban board
Authors: Sirikorn Santirojanakul
Authors: Sirikorn Santirojanakul
Keywords: Computer Science;Engineering;Mathematics;Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2018
Abstract: © 2018 IEEE. The role of the sports scientist is becoming more complex and deals with high risk regarding the future of athletes. The challenge of this study is to address the lack of collaboration among stakeholders. The traditional reporting system between experts and others stakeholders creates more waiting time. This research develops the Sports Science Knowledge Management system (SSKM) based on the Common KADS and Kanban board. CommonKADS is one of the effective modeling frameworks used for investigating both the organization model and task model. The Sport Authority of Thailand (SAT), was selected as a case study to propose this framework. The results have shown that SSKM can be utilized to improve the performance of the sports scientist's reporting system. Furthermore, the digital Kanban board can support collaboration and communication challenges that occur within the sports scientists, executive, staff, and sport association. This digital Kanban board can create a helpful method for managing workflow and measuring the outcomes of multifaceted task. The digital Kanban board display types of sport competitions, sports associations, sports scientists, and athletic evaluations.
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