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Title: High-speed video analysis of a rolling disc in three dimensions
Authors: J. Poonyawatpornkul
P. Wattanakasiwich
Authors: J. Poonyawatpornkul
P. Wattanakasiwich
Keywords: Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2015
Abstract: © 2015 IOP Publishing Ltd. This study aimed to investigate and analyse rolling disc motion using a high-speed video analysis technique. Firstly, conditions of pure rolling must be satisfied. Secondly, three-dimensional high-speed videos of rolling discs were captured at 240 frames s-1using three cameras placed perpendicular to each other. The videos were analysed with Tracker Video Analysis software to obtain experimental values of precession rates. The experimental precession rates for the small and big discs deviated by approximately 3.43% and 2.50% from the theoretical values, respectively. Finally, the angular momentum of the discs was determined from the measured parameters including tilt angles, precession rate and angular speed. Both discs rolled in a spiral path as a result of rolling friction causing the disc to slow down. High-speed videos and their analysis can be used as demonstrations or teaching media in advanced mechanics courses.
ISSN: 13616404
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