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dc.contributor.authorKomgrit Leksakulen_US
dc.contributor.authorChalinee Maneekaten_US
dc.contributor.authorRungrueang Phatthanakunen_US
dc.description.abstract© Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2014. This paper discusses the patterning of the burnishing head for hard disk platters on the AlTiC substrate, performed by X-ray exposure through X-ray mask to identify areas still left on the substrate after the photoresist development. The high energy and the low divergence of the synchrotron light provided the high-aspect-ratio microstructures with high accuracy patterns of burnishing head specifications. After the X-ray lithography was processed, the AlTiC substrate coated with the SU-8 hard mask was dry-etched with CF4 of the RIE machine and run under the various conditions of the industrial process. An appropriate condition based on a total of 10 experimental conditions, which were based on the CCD technique, was investigated at Minitab using the data collected for analysis and compared with the standard specification. Based on the standard specification of the critical dimension of 8.02 μm and the etched depth of 30.0 μm, the best condition for the experiment, calculated by the desirability approach, was the 250 μm-thick SU-8 photoresist with an exposure dose of 23,010 mJ/cm3and an RIE etching time of about 20 h. Mathematically, this condition offers a critical dimension and an etched depth of 7.02 and 30.11 μm, respectively. When the actual experiment was conducted to confirm the results, and we found that the critical dimension and the etched depth showed values of 7.03 and 30.02 μm, respectively.en_US
dc.subjectComputer Scienceen_US
dc.subjectMaterials Scienceen_US
dc.subjectPhysics and Astronomyen_US
dc.titlePatterning of burnishing head for hard disk platters by synchrotron radiation lithographyen_US
article.title.sourcetitleMicrosystem Technologiesen_US
article.volume20en_US Mai Universityen_US Light Research Institute (Public Organization)en_US
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