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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2014A simple and highly sensitive elisa for screening of the α-thalassemia-1 southeast asian-type deletionSupansa Pata; Saichit Khummuang; Sakorn Pornprasert; Thanusak Tatu; Watchara Kasinrerk
1-Dec-2013Image analysis of the eruptive positions of third molars and adjacent second molars as indicators of age evaluation in Thai patientsPhattaranant May Mahasantipiya; Sakarat Pramojanee; Trasapong Thaiupathump
1-Dec-2013Comparison of fetal cardiac spatiotemporal image correlation segmental analysis between cardiac- and body-based scrollingThanate Jatavan; Theera Tongsong
1-Oct-2013Reference ranges for fetal septum primum excursion from 14 to 40 weeks' gestationManasicha Mekjarasnapha; Kuntharee Traisrisilp; Suchaya Luewan; Kasemsri Srisupundit; Fuanglada Tongprasert; Theera Tongsong
1-Aug-2013Fetal cardiac circumference derived by spatiotemporal image correlation as a predictor of fetal hemoglobin bart disease at midpregnancyWoralak Siwawong; Fuanglada Tongprasert; Kasemsri Srisupundit; Suchaya Luewan; Theera Tongsong
15-Jul-2013The comparison of high-risk clinical target volumes between computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in cervical cancerE. Tharavichitkul; N. Samorn; S. Wanwilairat; S. Lookaew; W. Nopnop; J. Wannasri; I. Chitapanarux
1-Apr-2011Fetal cardiac dimensions at 14-40 weeks' gestation obtained using cardio-STIC-MS. Luewan; Y. Yanase; F. Tongprasert; K. Srisupundit; T. Tongsong
1-Sep-2011Reference ranges for the fetal cardiac circumference derived by cardio-spatiotemporal image correlation From 14 to 40 weeks' gestationKuntharee Traisrisilp; Fuanglada Tongprasert; Kasemsri Srisupundit; Suchaya Luewan; Theera Tongsong
1-Jan-2011RETRACTED ARTICLE: On-Farm study on wastewater reuse in vegetable cultivationSeni Karnchanawong; Chokchai Chaimongkol
1-Nov-2011Comparison of lateral abdominal muscle thickness between weightlifters and matched controlsPatraporn Sitilertpisan; Ubon Pirunsan; Aatit Puangmali; Jonjin Ratanapinunchai; Suchart Kiatwattanacharoen; Hudsaleark Neamin; James J. Laskin