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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2020Numerical study of electrochemical kinetics and mass transport inside nano-structural catalyst layer of PEMFC using Lattice Boltzmann agglomeration methodP. Satjaritanun; S. Hirano; I. V. Zenyuk; J. W. Weidner; N. Tippayawong; S. Shimpalee
1-Jan-2020Highly dispersed porous polydimethylsiloxane for boosting power-generating performance of triboelectric nanogeneratorsDoldet Tantraviwat; Prayoon Buarin; Sarunya Suntalelat; Witsaroot Sripumkhai; Pattaraluck Pattamang; Gobwute Rujijanagul; Burapat Inceesungvorn
6-Jan-2020Investigating Liquid Water Transport in Different Pore Structure of Gas Diffusion Layers for PEMFC Using Lattice Boltzmann MethodM. Sepe; P. Satjaritanun; S. Hirano; I. V. Zenyuk; N. Tippayawong; S. Shimpalee
1-Mar-2020Optimal Allocation of Tie Switch in Distribution Systems for Energy Loss Reduction Using Particle Swarm OptimizationChatuphat Karaaom; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak; Keerachat Tantrapon
1-Jan-2022The Energy and Environmental Efficiency Assessment of Energy System: A Case of Thailand's IndustryTassawan Jaitiang; Natanee Vorayos
1-Dec-2020A review of characterization of perovskite film in solar cells by spectroscopic ellipsometryHuihui Li; Changcai Cui; Xipeng Xu; Subiao Bian; Chanisorn Ngaojampa; Pipat Ruankham; Atchara Punya Jaroenjittchai
15-Sep-2022Planar heterojunction perovskite solar cell with graded energy band architecture via fast-drying spray depositionWaris Tuchinda; Koth Amratisha; Atittaya Naikaew; Pimsuda Pansa-Ngat; Ladda Srathongsian; Worawat Wattanathana; Ko Ko Shin Thant; Ratchadaporn Supruangnet; Hideki Nakajima; Pipat Ruankham; Pongsakorn Kanjanaboos
1-Jan-2022Grad-Shafranov Equation in Fractal DimensionsRami Ahmad El-Nabulsi; Waranont Anukool
1-Jul-2021The Impact of Micro Porous Layer on Liquid Water Evolution inside PEMFC using Lattice Boltzmann MethodM. Sepe; P. Satjaritanun; I. V. Zenyuk; N. Tippayawong; S. Shimpalee
1-May-2021Tailoring the Dimensionality of Hybrid Perovskites in Mesoporous Carbon Electrodes for Type-II Band Alignment and Enhanced Performance of Printable Hole-Conductor-Free Perovskite Solar CellsXiayan Chen; Yongkang Xia; Qingyi Huang; Zhe Li; Anyi Mei; Yue Hu; Ti Wang; Rongrong Cheacharoen; Yaoguang Rong; Hongwei Han