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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Oct-2017Cold atmospheric plasma sources-an upcoming innovation in plasma medicineDheerawan Boonyawan; Chanchai Chutsirimongkol
1-Apr-2018Performance of active nickel loaded lignite char catalyst on conversion of coffee residue into rich-synthesis gas by gasificationSuparin Chaiklangmuang; Liuyun Li; Naokatsu Kannari; Takayuki Takarada
1-Jan-2015Thermal degradation behavior of coffee residue in comparison with biomasses and its product yields from gasificationSuparin Chaiklangmuang; Keisuke Kurosawa; Liuyun Li; Kayoko Morishita; Takayuki Takarada
15-Jun-2006Anisotropic properties of spherical single crystals of La<inf>1.8</inf>Sr<inf>0.2</inf>CuO<inf>4-δ</inf>A. Gardchareon; N. Mangkorntong; D. Hérisson; P. Nordblad
1-Jan-2017Optimum ratio of compressed biomethane gas as dual fuel in turbocharged common rail diesel engineNiti Kammuang-lue; Matas Bhudtiyatanee
1-Mar-2020Optimal Allocation of Tie Switch in Distribution Systems for Energy Loss Reduction Using Particle Swarm OptimizationChatuphat Karaaom; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak; Keerachat Tantrapon
1-Jun-2020Development of Tin-Based Single Crystal Scintillator for Double-Beta Decay ExperimentsP. Aryal; A. Khan; H. J. Kim; P. Q. Vuong; J. Kaewkhao; S. Kothan; S. Kaewjaeng
1-Dec-2022Characterizations of Ni-loaded lignite char catalysts and their performance enhancements to catalytic steam gasification of coalRonnachai Tipo; Nakorn Tippayawong; Chatchawan Chaichana; Yothin Chimupala; Suparin Chaiklangmuang
10-Mar-2021Mitigation of Induced Currents and Overvoltages in Metallic Sheath of 115 kV Underground Cable Using Sheath Voltage Limiter and Parallel Ground Continuity ConductorPiyawat Maneepeth; Panida Thararak; Peerapol Jirapong; Chatuphat Karaaom
15-Aug-2021Fractal neutrons diffusion equation: Uniformization of heat and fuel burn-up in nuclear reactorRami Ahmad El-Nabulsi