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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2011Performance analysis of a modular adsorption cooling system with sonic vibration at the evaporatorWipawadee Wongsuwan; Wirote Ritthong; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat; Atipoang Nuntaphan
1-Jan-2009Performance analysis of solar water heater combined with heat pump using refrigerant mixtureAtipoang Nuntaphan; Choosak Chansena; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat
1-Jan-2007Effect of inclination angle on free convection thermal performance of louver finned heat exchangerAtipoang Nuntaphan; Sanparwat Vithayasai; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat; Chi Chuan Wang
2-Jan-2020Study on phase change material and its appropriate thickness for controlling solar cell module temperatureVat Sun; Attakorn Asanakham; Thoranis Deethayat; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat
1-Jul-2020Enhancement of biodiesel production from soybean oil by electric field and its chemical kineticsPiyaphong Yongphet; Junfeng Wang; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat; Dongbao Wang; Thoranis Deethayat; Evans K. Quaye; Wei Zhang; Shijie Yang
1-Aug-2020Performance and economic evaluation of a photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T)-cascade heat pump for combined cooling, heat and power in tropical climate areaRithy Kong; Thoranis Deethayat; Attakorn Asanakham; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat
1-Mar-2022Performance analysis on combined heat and power of photovoltaic-thermal module integrated with phase change material-water storageVat Sun; Attakorn Asanakham; Thoranis Deethayat; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat
1-Jan-2022Performance on Power, Hot and Cold Water Generation of a Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal ModuleThakrittorn Pansiri; Attakorn Asanakham; Thoranis Deethayat; Tanongkiat Kiatsiriroat