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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Aug-2015Implementation of ripple correlation control MPPT for single-phase VSI grid-connected PV systemsChaiyant Boonmee; Yuttana Kumsuwan
17-Aug-2015Level-shift space vector pulse width modulation for a nine-switch inverterNeerakorn Jarutus; Yuttana Kumsuwan
17-Aug-2015Space vector modulation strategy based on volt-second balancing for three-level neutral point clamped inverterKanyarat Ek-Iam; Yuttana Kumsuwan
17-Aug-2015Continuous SVM strategy with current sector control concept for a three-phase three-level PFC rectifierOng Ard Tubburee; Yuttana Kumsuwan
6-Sep-2016Reduction of switching step/commutation using unipolar CB-SVPWM for three-level NPC invertersHussapong Kitidet; Yuttana Kumsuwan
6-Sep-2016A control strategy for a matrix converter based on Venturini method under unbalanced input voltage conditionsPornpimol Boonseam; Neerakorn Jarutus; Yuttana Kumsuwan
6-Sep-2016A comparative study of vector control strategies for rotor-side converter of DFIG wind energy systemsWatcharin Srirattanawichaikul; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Dec-2009A simple voltage and frequency control of VSI-inverter-fed self-excited induction generator driveYuttana Kumsuwan; Watcharin Srirattanawichaikul; Suttichai Premrudeepreechacharn
19-Dec-2017A CB-SVPWM control strategy for neutral-poin voltage balancing in three-level NPC invertersHussapong Kitidet; Yuttana Kumsuwan
19-Dec-2017Analysis of power losses for a nine-switch inverter in common-frequency mode applicationNeerakorn Jarutus; Yuttana Kumsuwan