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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2010Flame-spray-made undoped zinc oxide films for gas sensing applicationsNittaya Tamaekong; Chaikarn Liewhiran; Anurat Wisitsoraat; Sukon Phanichphant
1-Nov-2009H<inf>2</inf>sensing response of flame-spray-made Ru/SnO<inf>2</inf>thick films fabricated from spin-coated nanoparticlesChaikarn Liewhiran; Nittaya Tamaekong; Anurat Wisitsoraat; Sukon Phanichphant
1-Sep-2009Sensing characteristics of flame-spray-made Pt/ZnO thick films as H2 gas sensorNittaya Tamaekong; Chaikarn Liewhiran; Anurat Wisitsoraat; Sukon Phanichphant
1-Jan-2011Flame-made Nb-doped TiO2 ethanol and acetone sensorsSukon Phanichphant; Chaikarn Liewhiran; Khatcharin Wetchakun; Anurat Wisitsoraat; Adisorn Tuantranont
1-Jan-2007Effects of palladium loading on the response of a thick film flame-made ZnO gas sensor for detection of ethanol vaporChaikarn Liewhiran; Sukon Phanichphant
1-Jan-2007Improvement of flame-made ZnO nanoparticulate thick film morphology for ethanol sensingChaikarn Liewhiran; Sukon Phanichphant
1-Jan-2007Influence of thickness on ethanol sensing characteristics of doctor-bladed thick film from flame-made ZnO nanoparticlesChaikarn Liewhiran; Sukon Phanichphant
1-Jan-2007Home-made detection device for a mixture of ethanol and acetoneAmnat Reungchaiwat; Teerapol Wongchanapiboon; Saisunee Liawruangrath; Sukon Phanichphant
1-Feb-2009Direct growth of carbon nanotubes onto titanium dioxide nanoparticlesChonlada Dechakiatkrai; Jun Chen; Carol Lynam; Natda Wetchakul; Sukon Phanichphant; Gordon G. Wallace
15-Aug-2020Photocatalytic activity enhancement of g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf>/BiOBr in selective transformation of primary amines to imines and its reaction mechanismSaranya Juntrapirom; Supanan Anuchai; Oraphan Thongsook; Soraya Pornsuwan; Puttinan Meepowpan; Praput Thavornyutikarn; Sukon Phanichphant; Doldet Tantraviwat; Burapat Inceesungvorn