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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2011Simultaneous injection effective mixing analysis system for the determination of direct bilirubin in urinary samplesKraingkrai Ponhong; Norio Teshima; Kate Grudpan; Shoji Motomizu; Tadao Sakai
15-Jul-2012Simultaneous injection effective mixing flow analysis of urinary albumin using dye-binding reactionNuanlaor Ratanawimarnwong; Kraingkrai Ponhong; Norio Teshima; Duangjai Nacapricha; Kate Grudpan; Tadao Sakai; Shoji Motomizu
15-Jan-2006Sequential injection lab-on-valve simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of copper and ironShinsuke Ohno; Norio Teshima; Tadao Sakai; Kate Grudpan; Miroslav Polasek
1-May-2010A Multiple processing hybrid flow system for analysis of formaldehyde contamination in foodSaowapak Teerasong; Natchanon Amornthammarong; Kate Grudpan; Norio Teshima; Tadao Sakai; Duangjai Nacapricha; Nuanlaor Ratanawimarnwong
15-Sep-2007DRCâ„¢ ICP-MS coupled with automated flow injection system with anion exchange minicolumns for determination of selenium compounds in water samplesKritsana Jitmanee; Norio Teshima; Tadao Sakai; Kate Grudpan
1-Aug-2007Enhancing chemical analysis with signal derivatization using simple available software packagesKritsana Jitmanee; Jaroon Jakmunee; Somchai Lapanantnoppakhun; Sunanta Wangkarn; Norio Teshima; Tadao Sakai; Gary D. Christian; Kate Grudpan
5-Dec-2007Successive determination of urinary protein and glucose using spectrophotometric sequential injection methodWatla iad Kanchana; Tadao Sakai; Norio Teshima; Shuji Katoh; Kate Grudpan
1-Jan-2020Determination of albumin, glucose, and creatinine employing a single sequential injection lab-at-valve with mono-segmented flow system enabling in-line dilution, in-line single-standard calibration, and in-line standard additionKanokwan Kiwfo; Wasin Wongwilai; Tadao Sakai; Norio Teshima; Kate Grudpan
11-Jul-2022Dual determination of nitrite and iron by a single greener sequential injection spectrophotometric system employing a simple single aqueous extract from Areca catechu Linn. serving as a natural reagentKraingkrai Ponhong; Watsaka Siriangkhawut; Chang Young Lee; Norio Teshima; Kate Grudpan; Sam Ang Supharoek
1-Sep-2021Lead assays with smartphone detection using a monolithic rod with 4-(2-pyridylazo) resorcinolPiyanat Issarangkura Na Ayutthaya; Chonnipa Yeerum; Kullapon Kesonkan; Kanokwan Kiwfo; Kate Grudpan; Norio Teshima; Hiroya Murakami; Monnapat Vongboot