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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2009Properties of Sr- and Sb-doped PZT-Portland cement compositesA. Chaipanich; G. Rujijanagul; T. Tunkasiri
1-Dec-2006The effect of carbon nanotube dispersion on CO gas sensing characteristics of polyaniline gas sensorY. Wanna; N. Srisukhumbowornchai; A. Tuantranont; A. Wisitsoraat; N. Thavarungkul; P. Singjai
1-Nov-2006Structural and dynamical properties of different protonated states of mutant HIV-1 protease complexed with the saquinavir inhibitor studied by molecular dynamics simulationsOrnjira Aruksakunwong; Kitiyaporn Wittayanarakul; Pornthep Sompornpisut; Vannajan Sanghiran; Vudthichai Parasuk; Supot Hannongbua
14-Nov-2006Simulation of glassy state relaxations in polymers: A static analysis of methyl group and methoxy group rotation in poly(vinyl methyl ether)Jean Claude Berthet; Cherdsak Saelee; Taining Liang; Timothy M. Nicholson; Geoffrey R. Davies
1-Jul-2006The influence of crystalline phase additions on the mechanical properties of dental ceramic materials part 1.1: Ceramic materials reinforced with alumina-based nanocompositesA. Pisitanusorn; W. Schulle; S. Thiansem; S. Ananta
1-Sep-2006Effects of CO<inf>2</inf>and talc contents on foaming behavior of recyclable high-melt-strength PPWanrudee Kaewmesri; Patrick C. Lee; Chul B. Park; Jantrawan Pumchusak
15-Jun-2006Radiation-induced crosslinking of acetylene-impregnated polyesters. II. Effects of preirradiation crystallinity, molecular structure, and postirradiation crosslinking on mechanical propertiesW. Punyodom; R. A. Jones; I. M. Ward; A. F. Johnson
30-May-2006Structure and band-gap design of a new series of light-emitting poly(cyanofluorene-alt-o/m/p-phenylenevinylene)-based copolymers for light-emitting diodesPrasad Taranekar; Mansour Abdulbaki; Ramanan Krishnamoorti; Sukon Phanichphant; Paralee Waenkaew; Derek Patton; Timothy Fulghum; Rigoberto Advincula
18-Jan-2006Preparation and physicochemical properties of sodium carboxymethyl mungbean starchesOrnanong S. Kittipongpatana; Jakkapan Sirithunyalug; Reinhard Laenger
28-Feb-2006Solution route synthesis of InSb, Cu<inf>6</inf>Sn<inf>5</inf>and Cu<inf>2</inf>Sb electrodes for lithium batteriesT. Sarakonsri; C. S. Johnson; S. A. Hackney; M. M. Thackeray