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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2009Minimally of polyphenol oxidase activity and controlling of rotting and browning of longan fruits cv. DAW by SO2 treatment under cold storage conditionsWilasinee Chitbanchong; Vicha Sardsud; Kanda Whangchai; Rumphan Koslanund; Pitipong Thobunluepop
1-Dec-2009Myrtaceae, a cache of fungal biodiversityR. Cheewangkoon; J. Z. Groenewald; B. A. Summerell; K. D. Hyde; C. To-Anun; P. W. Crous
26-Nov-2009Growth performance and intestinal histology in broiler chickens fed with dietary chitosanO. Khambualai; K. Yamauchi; S. Tangtaweewipat; B. Cheva-Isarakul
1-Aug-2009Sensory optimization of a mayonnaise-type spread made with rice bran oil and soy proteinKaren Garcia; Sujinda Sriwattana; Hong Kyoon No; Jose Andres Herrera Corredor; Witoon Prinyawiwatkul
1-Sep-2009Factors affecting migration of vanillin from chitosan/methyl cellulose filmsJ. Sangsuwan; N. Rattanapanone; R. A. Auras; B. R. Harte; P. Rachtanapun
1-Mar-2009Dynamic viscoelastic characterisation of ostrich-meat yor (Thai sausage) following pressure, temperature and holding time regimesUtaiwan Chattong; Arunee Apichartsrangkoon
1-Mar-2009Possible involvement of proteinaceous and non-proteinaceous trehalase inhibitors in the regulation of hemolymph trehalose concentration in Bombyx moriNujira Tatun; Tippawan Singtripop; Shingo Osugi; Siriluck Nachiangmai; Masafumi Iwami; Sho Sakurai
1-Apr-2009A synopsis of Thai nymphaeaceaeWoranuch La-Ongsri; Chusie Trisonthi; Henrik Balslev
20-Mar-2009Siamspinops, a new selenopid spider genus from Southeast Asia (Arachnida, Araneae)Pakawin Dankittipakul; José A. Corronca
1-Jan-2009The contributions of nitrogen-fixing crop legumes to the productivity of agricultural systemsM. B. Peoples; J. Brockwell; D. F. Herridge; I. J. Rochester; B. J.R. Alves; S. Urquiaga; R. M. Boddey; F. D. Dakora; S. Bhattarai; S. L. Maskey; C. Sampet; B. Rerkasem; D. F. Khan; H. Hauggaard-Nielsen; E. S. Jensen