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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2021Microwave-assisted synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic performance of Bi<inf>2</inf>O<inf>2</inf>CO<inf>3</inf> nanoplatesNitjawan Plubphon; Somchai Thongtem; Anukorn Phuruangrat; Chamnan Randorn; Sulawan Kaowphong; Titipun Thongtem
1-Jan-2022Effect of Gd Dopant on Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Properties of CeO<inf>2</inf> Nanowires Synthesized Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal MethodPhattranit Dumrongrojthanath; Anukorn Phuruangrat; Thawatchai Sakhon; Titipun Thongtem; Somchai Thongtem
1-Jul-2022Hydrothermal synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic properties of Au-doped Bi<inf>2</inf>MoO<inf>6</inf> nanoplatesAnukorn Phuruangrat; Saowaluk Buapoon; Thanaporn Bunluesak; Piyada Suebsom; Surangkana Wannapop; Titipun Thongtem; Somchai Thongtem
1-Jan-2022Photodegradation of organic dyes and antibacterial activity of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus by ZnO nanoparticles under UVA radiationPatcharanan Junploy; Rawinan Janta; Peerwas Wongchai; Aomhatai Deethae; Titipun Thongtem; Somchai Thongtem
1-Jan-2022Preparation of Yb-doped ZnO nanoparticles by combustion method combined with high temperature calcination for photodegradation of methylene blue under visible light irradiationDuangnet Laokae; Anukorn Phuruangrat; Titipun Thongtem; Somchai Thongtem
1-Apr-2021Synthesis, characterization, and UV light-driven photocatalytic properties of CeVO<inf>4</inf> nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel methodAnukorn Phuruangrat; Somchai Thongtem; Titipun Thongtem
1-Apr-2021Synthesis of Heterostructure Au/ZnO Nanocomposites by Sonochemical-Assisted Deposition Method and Their Photodegradation for Methylene BlueAnukorn Phuruangrat; Pavinee Prapassornwattana; Somchai Thongtem; Titipun Thongtem
1-Oct-2021Synthesis and Characterization of NiFe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf>Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging ApplicationSudarat Sitthichai; Patcharanan Junploy; Titipun Thongtem; Chalermchai Pilapong; Anukorn Phuruangrat; Somchai Thongtem
1-Aug-2021Sonochemical Synthesis and Characterization of Ag/ZnO Heterostructure Nanocomposites and their Photocatalytic EfficienciesSaowaluk Buapoon; Anukorn Phuruangrat; Phattranit Dumrongrojthanath; Titipun Thongtem; Somchai Thongtem