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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2019Identification and characterization of membrane receptor protein YueB in Bacillus subtilis isolated from Thua Nao (Thai fermented soybean)Pornthip Chawapun; Padchanee Sangthong; Pairote Wongputtisin; Keitarou Kimura; Supawadee Sriyam
1-Sep-2019Trends in poverty and income inequality in urban malaysia: Emerging issues and challengesFerdoushi Ahmed; Md Shahin Mia; Aree Wiboonpongse; Sutonya Thongrak; Sirirat Kiapathomchai
1-Sep-2019Frequency Control of Electricity Grid Integrated with Variable Generation Using Pumped Storage Hydro Power PlantSubin Netsawang; Sarun Pansrisu; Somboon Nuchprayoon
1-Jul-2019Simulation and comparison on energy consumption between electric and diesel buses: Feasibility study on electric rubber-tire bus potential in Chiang MaiNiti Kammuang-Lue; Jirawat Boonjun
1-Jul-2019Optimal operation of battery energy storage system for mitigating voltage fluctuation in microgrid using cuckoo search optimizationKeerachat Tantrapon; Peerapol Jirapong; Panida Thararak
1-Jul-2019Elimination of differential-mode voltage in dual-inverter drive fed open-end winding induction motor using pwm techniquesNuttawout Buarat; Yuttana Kumsuwan
1-Jul-2019Set-valued power system state estimation based on mccormick relaxationTanyong Srisathan; S. Uatrongjit
1-Jul-2019Simulation of pv system using EMTP-ATPdrawT. Thanasaksiri
1-Jul-2019The effect of synbiotics supplement on alcohol use disorders identification test and biochemical parameters, lipopolysaccharide and immunoglobulin a levels, in high risk alcoholicsVachrintr Sirisapsombat; Thamthiwat Nararatwanchai; Chaiyavat Chaiyasut; Sasithorn Sirilun; Phakkharawat Sittiprapaporn
1-Jul-2019Effect of use of dextranase based mouthwash on oral plaque in Thai people: A preliminary reportNucharee Juntarachot; Bhagavathi Sundaram Sivamaruthi; Sasithorn Sirilun; Chaiyavat Chaiyasut; Piyachat Tongpong; Duangporn Kantachote; Phakkharawat Sittiprapaporn