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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2019Porous CuWO<inf>4</inf>/WO<inf>3</inf> composite films with improved electrochromic properties prepared by sparking methodWinai Thongpan; Dimitrios Louloudakis; Porntipa Pooseekheaw; Tewasin Kumpika; Ekkapong Kantarak; Wattikon sroila; Arisara Panthawan; Wiradej Thongsuwan; Pisith Singjai
1-Dec-2019Synthesis of Hierarchical BiOBr Nanostructure Flowers by PVP-Assisted Hydrothermal Method and Their Photocatalytic ActivitiesAnukorn Phuruangrat; Somchai Thongtem; Titipun Thongtem
1-Jan-2019CH<inf>3</inf>NH<inf>3</inf>PbI<inf>3</inf> thin films prepared by hot-casting technique in the air: Growth mechanism, trap states and relating solar cellsNarit Faibut; Pantiwa Kamlangwan; Wirat Jarernboon; Pawinee Klangtakai; Viyada Harnchana; Vittaya Amornkitbamrung
1-Nov-2019Consumer grade brain sensing for emotion recognitionPayongkit Lakhan; Nannapas Banluesombatkul; Vongsagon Changniam; Ratwade Dhithijaiyratn; Pitshaporn Leelaarporn; Ekkarat Boonchieng; Supanida Hompoonsup; Theerawit Wilaiprasitporn
1-Nov-2019On the vibrational dynamics of rotating thin-walled cylinders: A theoretical and experimental study utilizing active magnetic bearingsWichaphon Fakkaew; Matthew O.T. Cole; Chakkapong Chamroon
1-Oct-2019Proxy-assisted rate adaptation for 4K video streaming on named data networkingSuphakit Awiphan; Kanin Poobai; Jiro Katto
2-Sep-2019Temperature Dependence on Ferroelectric, Energy Storage Density, and Electric Field-Induced Strain Response of Lead-Free Bi<inf>0.485</inf>(Na<inf>0.388</inf>K<inf>0.097</inf>)Ba<inf>0.021</inf>Sr<inf>0.009</inf>TiO<inf>3</inf> CeramicsPharatree Jaita; Narumon Lertcumfu; Gobwute Rujijanagul
1-Oct-2019Application of IoT using neuro-fuzzy based on thai speech classification to control model hospital bed with arduinoApisith Wongsorn; Krittakom Srijiranon; Narissara Eiamkanitchat
1-Jan-2019Enhanced knowledge and engagement of students through the gamification concept of game elementsKitti Puritat