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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2021Anion-Controlled Synthesis of Enantiomeric Twofold Interpenetrated 3D Zinc(II) Coordination Polymer with Ligand Substitution-Induced Single-Crystal-To-Single-Crystal Transformation and PhotocatalysisNippich Kaeosamut; Yothin Chimupala; Saranphong Yimklan
2010Aromatic Organodiamine templating function on the Synthesis of New Metal-organic compounds = ฟังก์ชันการเป็นแม่แบบของอะโรมาติกออร์กาโนไดเอมีนที่มีต่อการสังเคราะห์สารประกอบโลหะ-อินทรีย์ชนิดใหม่ / Yothin ChimupalaYothin Chimupala
1-Dec-2022Characterizations of Ni-loaded lignite char catalysts and their performance enhancements to catalytic steam gasification of coalRonnachai Tipo; Nakorn Tippayawong; Chatchawan Chaichana; Yothin Chimupala; Suparin Chaiklangmuang
1-Jan-2011Crystal growth and characterisation of a unique trinuclear VIV/VV complexYothin Chimupala; Wasinee Phonsri; Timothy J. Prior; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Jan-2022Crystal structure of a three-dimensional neodymium(III) coordination polymer, [Nd<inf>2</inf>(H<inf>2</inf>O)<inf>6</inf>(glutarato)(SO<inf>4</inf>)<inf>2</inf>]<inf>n</inf>Saranphong Yimklan; Yothin Chimupala; Sutsiri Wongngam; Nippich Kaeosamut
Oct-2020Development of TiO2(B) and/or M (M = Si, Sn) Nanocomposites on Nitrogen-doped Graphene for Use as High-performance Anode Materials in Lithium-ion BatteriesThapanee Sarakonsri; Chanchana Thanachayanont; Yothin Chimupala; Thanapat Autthawong
1-Jan-2022Direct dye wastewater photocatalysis using immobilized titanium dioxide on fixed substrateWoottikrai Chairungsri; Arisa Subkomkaew; Pimluck Kijjanapanich; Yothin Chimupala
3-Aug-2020Dye wastewater treatment enabled by piezo-enhanced photocatalysis of single-component ZnO nanoparticlesYothin Chimupala; Chitsanupong Phromma; Saranphong Yimklan; Natthawat Semakul; Pipat Ruankham
11-Jan-2022Fast-Charging Anode Materials and Novel Nanocomposite Design of Rice Husk-Derived SiO<inf>2</inf>and Sn Nanoparticles Self-Assembled on TiO<inf>2</inf>(B) Nanorods for Lithium-Ion Storage ApplicationsThanapat Autthawong; Chawin Yodbunork; Waewwow Yodying; Ruttapol Boonprachai; Orapim Namsar; Ai Shui Yu; Yothin Chimupala; Thapanee Sarakonsri
1-Jan-2018Hydrothermal synthesis and phase formation mechanism of tio<inf>2</inf>(B) nanorods via alkali metal titanate phase transformationYothin Chimupala; Rik Drummond-Brydson
1-Jan-2020Nanostructural characterization of nitrogen-doped graphene/ titanium dioxide (B)/ silicon composite prepared by dispersion methodWaewwow Yodying; Thanapat Autthawong; Yothin Chimupala; Thapanee Sarakonsri
1-Jan-2021NATURAL POROUS Si-C COMPOSITED WITH NITROGEN-DOPED GRAPHENE AS ANODE MATERIALS IN LITHIUM-ION BATTERIESRuttapol Boonprachai; Thanapat Autthawong; Orapim Namsar; Aishui Yu; Thapanee Sarakonsri; Yothin Chimupala
1-Sep-2021Octahedral to Tetrahedral Conversion upon a Ligand-Substitution-Induced Single-Crystal to Single-Crystal Transformation in a Rectangular Zn(II) Metal-Organic Framework and Its PhotocatalysisYothin Chimupala; Nippich Kaeosamut; Saranphong Yimklan
1-Aug-2021Performances of functional groups and KOH-transformation in corn stover waste through catalytic pyrolysisPattamaporn Pinij; Nakorn Tippayawong; Yothin Chimupala; Suparin Chaiklangmuang
1-Jan-2018Preparation and characterization of rice husks-derived silicon-tin/nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites as anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesViratchara Laokawee; Nutpaphat Jarulertwathana; Thanapat Autthawong; Takuya Masuda; Yothin Chimupala; Suparin Chaiklangmuang; Thapanee Sarakonsri
1-Aug-2018Preparation of magnetic hierarchical porous carbon spheres with graphitic features for high methyl orange adsorption capacityAdisak Siyasukh; Yothin Chimupala; Nattaporn Tonanon
1-Dec-2021Sulfate removal from lignite coal mine drainage in Thailand using ettringite precipitationNorapat Pratinthong; Siwat Sangchan; Yothin Chimupala; Pimluck Kijjanapanich
2021Sulfate removal from mine drainage by Ettringite precipitationPimluck Kijjanapanich; Yothin Chimupala; Norapat Pratinthong
11-Jun-2010Tris(ethylenediamine)cobalt(II) sulfateBunlawee Yotnoi; Athittaya Seeharaj; Yothin Chimupala; Apinpus Rujiwatra
19-Nov-2020Ultrafast-charging and long cycle-life anode materials of TiO<inf>2</inf>-bronze/nitrogen-doped graphene nanocomposites for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesThanapat Autthawong; Yothin Chimupala; Mitsutaka Haruta; Hiroki Kurata; Tsutomu Kiyomura; Ai Shui Yu; Torranin Chairuangsri; Thapanee Sarakonsri