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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2005A 3-phase 4-wire voltage sag compensator based on three dimensions space vectorK. Oranpiroj; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; Y. Kumsuwan; T. Boonsai; C. V. Nayar
17-Dec-2013An application of improved synchronous reference frame-based voltage sag detection in voltage sag compensation systemY. Kumsuwan; Y. Sillapawicharn
17-Sep-2010A carrier-based unbalanced PWM method for four-leg voltage source inverter fed asymmetrical two-phase induction motorY. Kumsuwan; W. Srirattanawichaikul; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Higuchi; H. A. Toliyat
18-Jan-2016A comparison between level- and phase-shift space vector duty-cycle modulations using a nine-switch inverter for an ASDN. Jarutus; Y. Kumsuwan
27-Jul-2015Current sector control for a three-phase three-level PFC rectifierO. Tubburee; Y. Kumsuwan
1-Dec-2005A direct torque control of induction motor using V/f PWM techniqueY. Kumsuwan; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Oranpiroj; T. Boonsai; A. Toliyat
30-Jan-2017Discontinuous carrier-based SVPWM strategies for three-phase voltage source inverter controlling asymmetrical two-phase induction motorsW. Srirattanawichaikul; Y. Kumsuwan
13-Aug-2012A fast synchronously rotating reference frame-based voltage sag detection under practical grid voltages for voltage sag compensation systemsY. Kumsuwan; Y. Sillapawicharn
2-Sep-2010A four-leg voltage source inverter fed asymmetrical two-phase induction motor drivesY. Kumsuwan; W. Srirattanawichaikul; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; H. A. Toliyat
22-Oct-2009Implementation of a 1-kVA programmable balanced three-phase voltage sag generatorY. Kumsuwan; C. Boonmee; S. Premrudeepreechacharn
1-Jan-2015An implementation of three-level BTB NPC voltage source converter based-PMSG wind energy conversion systemK. Bunjongjit; Y. Kumsuwan; Y. Sriuthaisiriwong
2-Sep-2013Modified maximum power point tracking based-on ripple correlation control application for single-phase VSI grid-connected PV systemsC. Boonmee; Y. Kumsuwan
2-Sep-2013Performance enhancement of PMSG systems with control of generator-side converter using d-axis stator current controllerK. Bunjongjit; Y. Kumsuwan
2-Oct-2012Power analysis of single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic systems based on two-stage current source convertersN. Lekgamheng; Y. Kumsuwan
1-Dec-2013Static series-connected compensator with control of load-side using three single-phase H-bridge invertersK. Daychosawang; Y. Kumsuwan
1-Jan-2016SVM strategy with duty-offset component injection for a three-phase/level PFC rectifier based on current sector controlY. Kumsuwan
30-Jul-2010A vector control of a grid-connected 3L-NPC-VSC with DFIG drivesW. Srirattanawichaiku; Y. Kumsuwan; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; B. Wu
12-Aug-2011Voltage sag compensation using two three-phase voltage-fed PWM convertersY. Sillapawicharn; Y. Kumsuwan