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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2020Draft of the MEPS and HEPS for industrial refrigeration compressor in ThailandWatcharapong Tachajapong; Kengkamon Wiratkasem; Somchai Pattana
1-Jan-2017Draft of the MEPS and HEPS for Motorcycle Tyre in ThailandKengkamon Wiratkasem; Watcharapong Tachajapong; Somchai Pattana; Chutchawan Tantakitti; Krisanatas Sumdangrit
Mar-2023Effect of marginal abatement cost and social cost of carbon on optimum degree of greenhouse gas mitigation in Thailand energy sectorWongkot Wongsapai; Watcharapong Tachajapong; Natanee Vorayos; Phitsinee Muangjai
1-Nov-2015Effects of Moisture Content in Para Rubber Leaf Litter on Critical Mass Flux and Piloted Ignition TimePissanu Wongchai; Watcharapong Tachajapong
1-Feb-2020Electricity consumption characteristics in Thailand residential sector and its saving potentialKittikun Poolsawat; Watcharapong Tachajapong; Sukon Prasitwattanaseree; Wongkot Wongsapai
1-Jan-2014Estimation of smoke plume height from early burning via simulationPanuphan Limthavorn; Watcharapong Tachajapong
1-Dec-2020Experimental investigation of the thermoelectric cooling with vacuum wall systemSurasit Thiangchanta; Tuan Anh Do; Watcharapong Tachajapong; Yuttana Mona
1-Jan-2014Experimental modelling of crown fire initiation in open and closed shrubland systemsWatcharapong Tachajapong; Jesse Lozano; Shankar Mahalingam; David R. Weise
1-Jan-2017Modelling of end-use electricity consumption and saving potential in household sector in northern ThailandKittikun Poolsawat; Wongkot Wongsapai; Watcharapong Tachajapong; Sukon Prasitwattanaseree
1-Nov-2022Preliminary evaluation on specific energy consumption of refrigerated trucks in Thailand's cold chain used for national energy policy planningNiti Kammuang-lue; Somchai Pattana; Watcharapong Tachajapong; Kengkamon Wiratkasem
1-Nov-2022Preliminary study on specific energy consumption of cold storage room in Thailand's cold chainWatcharapong Tachajapong; Kengkamon Wiratkasem; Niti Kammuang-lue; Somchai Pattana