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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Delay-dependent criterion for asymptotic stability for uncertain neutral system = เงื่อนไขการมีเสถียรภาพเชิงเส้นกำกับที่ขึ้นกับตัวหน่วงของระบบเป็นกลางไม่แน่นอน / Wajaree WeeraWajaree Weera
1-Jan-2023Designing Meyer wavelet neural networks for the three-species food chain modelThanasak Mouktonglang; Zulqurnain Sabir; Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja; Saira Bhatti; Thongchai Botmart; Wajaree Weera; Chantapish Zamart
1-Jan-2022Dissipative Pinning Sampled-Data Control for Function Projective Synchronization of Neural Networks With Hybrid Couplings and Time-Varying DelaysThongchai Botmart; Wajaree Weera; Arthit Hongsri; Narongsak Yotha; Piyapong Niamsup
1-Dec-2018Guaranteed cost control for exponential stability of a nonlinear system with mixed time-varying delays in states and controlsNuchira Khongja; Thongchai Botmart; Piyapong Niamsup; Wajaree Weera
1-Jan-2020Improved Delay-Dependent Stability Criterion for Genetic Regulatory Networks with Interval Time-Varying Delays via New Lyapunov FunctionalsAphirak Boonpikum; Thongchai Botmart; Piyapong Niamsup; Wajaree Weera
1-Dec-2019Mixed H<inf>∞</inf>/ passive exponential function projective synchronization of delayed neural networks with hybrid coupling based on pinning sampled-data controlThongchai Botmart; Narongsak Yotha; Piyapong Niamsup; Wajaree Weera; Prem Junsawang
1-Dec-2017Modified function projective synchronization of complex dynamical networks with mixed time-varying and asymmetric coupling delays via new hybrid pinning adaptive controlPiyapong Niamsup; Thongchai Botmart; Wajaree Weera
1-Aug-2019A new approach for exponential stability criteria of new certain nonlinear neutral differential equations with mixed time-varying delaysJanejira Tranthi; Thongchai Botmart; Wajaree Weera; Piyapong Niamsup
1-May-2020Time-varying delayed H<inf>∞</inf> control problem for nonlinear systems: A finite time study using quadratic convex approachChanikan Emharuethai; Piyapong Niamsup; Raja Ramachandran; Wajaree Weera