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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-20212D Facial Expression and Movement of Motion for Pain Identification with Deep Learning MethodsKornprom Pikulkaew; Waraporn Boonchieng; Ekkarat Boonchieng; Varin Chouvatut
5-Sep-2017Brain tumor's approximate correspondence and area with interior holes filledVarin Chouvatut; Ekkarat Boonchieng
1-Jan-2019Characteristics of basil in aspects of digital information retrieval and data miningVarin Chouvatut; Ekkarat Boonchieng
1-Jan-2021Clustering of domestic locations in layers for the purpose of breakout prevention of diseasesVarin Chouvatut; Ekkarat Boonchieng; Waraporn Boonchieng
1-Jan-2014The complexity of the overlay network verification and its related problemsWattana Jindaluang; Sanpawat Kantabutra; Varin Chouvatut
1-Jan-2021Convergence speed up using convolutional neural network combining with long short-term memory for american sign language alphabet recognitionBusarakorn Supitchaya; Varin Chouvatut
Apr-2023Deep learning techniques for motion recognition of Mae Mai Muay Thai stylesVarin Chouvatut; Shujaat Ali Zaidi
1-Jan-2020Development of a web-based sexual risk behavior prevention database with the benefit of 4G LTE by using community participationWaraporn Boonchieng; Saowaluck Settheekul; Warunee Fongkaew; Varin Chouvatut; Ekkarat Boonchieng
8-Feb-2016Efficiency comparisons between k-centers and k-means algorithmsVarin Chouvatut; Wattana Jindaluang; Ekkarat Boonchieng; Thapanapong Rukkanchanunt
21-Jan-2021Enhanced Pain Detection and Movement of Motion with Data Augmentation based on Deep LearningKornprom Pikulkaew; Varin Chouvatut
1-Jul-2019Feature reduction from correlation matrix for classification of two basil species in common genusVarin Chouvatut; Supawit Wattanapairotrat
1-Jan-2014The flexible and adaptive X-mark detection for the simple answer sheetsVarin Chouvatut; Supachaya Prathan
5-Sep-2017Graphical representation of the whole sequentially MRI images in a single view image sequences of human's whole headVarin Chouvatut; Ekkarat Boonchieng
1-Jan-2017An improved approximation algorithm for the s-t path movement problemWattana Jindaluang; Jakarin Chawachat; Varin Chouvatut; Jittat Fakcharoenphol; Sanpawat Kantabutra
2017An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the s-t Path Movement ProblemWattana Jindaluang; Jakarin Chawachat; Varin Chouvatut; Jittat Fakcharoenpho; Sanpawat Kantabutra
1-Jan-2023Pain Detection Using Deep Learning Method from 3D Facial Expression and Movement of MotionKornprom Pikulkaew; Varin Chouvatut
1-Jan-2021Pain detection using deep learning with evaluation systemKornprom Pikulkaew; Ekkarat Boonchieng; Waraporn Boonchieng; Varin Chouvatut
23-Mar-2017Pattern extraction from northern Thai fabrics using flexibly matching segments: Sarong Teenjok and Lanna textilesNattha Vasantapan; Varin Chouvatut
1-Jan-2019Polynomial-time algorithms for path movement problems on trees and unicyclic graphsVarin Chouvatut; Wattana Jindaluang
1-Jan-2016Radiographic image enhancement using hybrid algorithmVarin Chouvatut; Ekkarat Boonchieng